18 ways you know it’s the end of the summer holidays

Start of term for teachers

You know it’s the end of the summer holidays when:

  1. You have a growing urge to tell the sprawling bus queue, which seemed so delightfully free-form a few weeks ago, to stand in line and get their hands out of their pockets.​
  2. The person in the stationery shop greets you by name.
  3. The manager of the stationery shop offers you a whiskey.

  4. You are queuing for a lottery ticket when you realise the person selling it to you is the parent of Tom, a child in your new class…
  5. … and when Tom’s dad says “Good luck”, you’re not sure how to take that.
  6. You start longing for your own kids to call you sir…
  7. …or at least not “dumb-brain”.
  8. You start hankering after scalding coffee – having time to let it cool seems somehow decadent.
  9. The latest “Educating…” series starts. This time in Cardiff.
  10. You don’t win the lottery.
  11. It’s the first inset of the year – the only time you’ll see the headteacher smile until July.
  12. You learn you are expected to instigate major government-required changes to assessment – but the government hasn’t published its review on how best to do this.
  13. You learn your headteacher is keen for you to be featured on the next “Educating…” series …
  14. … we’ve got some great characters, she says…
  15. … unfortunately they are mostly in your class.
  16. You drink scalding coffee
  17. You stop looking forward to Sundays
  18. The sun starts to shine

Good luck everybody.

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