8 reasons why Jose Mourinho should go into teaching

Today Chelsea FC parted company with manager Jose Mourinho.

With the shortage of teachers becoming increasingly challenging, it seems worth trying to tempt anyone coming onto the job market, especially as teaching has so much in common with football management…

  1. You’re judged on performance data
  2. The top of the table is dominated by entrenched privilege (until this year – sorry)
  3. Sinking to the bottom of the table can seriously hamper your career
  4. You are told you know nothing, by people who wouldn’t last five minutes in your job
  5. You get to stand outside in a big coat watching people play football, twice every day.
  6. You learn a lot about knee injuries
  7. You’ll have the unending appreciation of those you’ve nurtured
  8. But it will be the ones who got away who’ll haunt you

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