Despairing deputy head rates DfE as ‘inadequate’ in parody ‘Ofdep’ report

spoof ofsted report

Education blogger says the department has ‘made a difficult year far, far worse’

The Department for Education has been given an “inadequate” rating in a spoof inspection report by deputy headteacher and education blogger Michael Tidd.

Mr Tidd, deputy headteacher of Edgewood Primary School in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, said creating the “Ofdep” report was a lighthearted way of getting a serious message across.

“The whole thing is just a parody of the situation where we’re given these reports and sanctions,” he said. “This year, there is constant change and all of these things have made what would be a difficult year anyway far, far worse. The situation is absolutely crazy and we despair of them, but you feel like you have to laugh.”

Reliance on soundbites

The report (pictured below) describes “poorly managed and rushed implementation plans” and says: “Ministers rely too heavily on publicity and soundbites to manage the direction of policy.

But it gives some credit to civil servants who “have attempted to make themselves more available to explain changes and policy”.

Mr Tidd said: “I think lots of people are trying to do a good job, but overall the department has been driving teachers to distraction with constant chopping and changing. Overall it is just not good enough.”

The (real) DfE has been contacted for comment.

The post originally appeared on Michael Tidd’s blog.

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