‘Eat ice cream and laugh until your tummy hurts’: advice from teachers to their pupils on how to cope with Sats week

Sats Letter

These two letters demonstrate how schools are taking the pressure off students ahead of Sats week

It’s the weekend before Sats week starts and while England’s Year 6 teachers may be feeling the pressure, they are determined their pupils should not.

Mrs Irvine, acting principal of Ravenfield Primary Academy in Rotherham, sent a letter reminding pupils to think of the tests as “something I have to do, but not the most important thing in the world”.

She pointed out that while English and maths are important, not every skill is taught in school and even less are tested.

Meanwhile, Mrs Thom, of Bucklebury CE primary in Reading, has given her class a homework list to do, as she says: “it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely”.

The list includes: going on a bike ride, eating ice-cream and laughing until your tummy hurts.

She ends with the clarion call: “Mrs Thom is in charge of worrying”.

SATs letter

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