Does WISE Tutors have a minimum number of hours for each tuition session?

Yes. The recommended number of tuition hours per week depends on a number of factors including the student’s current attainment when compared to the target attainment, the nearness of the examination date if applicable. It also depends on the number of subjects required for tutoring and the number of students in the tuition group if this is not one-to-one tuition.

As a general rule of thumb, for private one-to-one tuition sessions with just one student and one subject, an hour per week is quite typical. For tuition sessions with two subjects or two students, we recommend 1.5 or more hours of tuition per week. For tuition sessions with three subjects (eg. triple science) or three students, we recommend 2 or more hours of tuition per week.

Some parents choose to have two sessions per week as they get closer to the examination date. However, for some students this form of intensive tuition is not required as they have already received many hours of tuition throughout the year. Also bear in mind that some students may find this form of intensive tuition extremely stressful especially if they are preparing for a number of exams, so this is something for the parent and possibly the student to consider before registration.

Please note that private home tutors with WISE Tutors will not be able to tutor two or more students or two or more subjects within just one hour as the tuition will not be effective and this could negatively impact tutor feedback.