How to beat the blues in staff meetings? Bingo!

bingo, staff meeting, new term, primary, secondary, ofsted

Welcome back! After a break just long enough to train yourself out of the habit of outlining goals for each day before leaving the house (“at the end of three hours’ sitting by the pool, you will understand the importance of relaxation in working life”), it’s time for a new school year to begin.

And how better to begin the term than with a staff meeting? Nothing says “it’s good to be back” like a veritable blue-sky thought-shower of edu-jargon, complete with malfunctioning PowerPoint and scattered reminders of your colleagues’ less-appealing personal habits.

Still, if there’s anything that two weeks in a resort in Tenerife has taught you, it’s that there is no day that cannot be improved with a game of bingo. And so TES presents a cut-out-and-keep bingo card for that first staff meeting of term.

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