Hundreds of teachers benefit from comedian’s big break

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Teachers in the US state of South Carolina are to have new classroom resources worth $800,000, paid for by a TV comedian and chat-show host.

Stephen Colbert (pictured) has announced that 375 state schools in his native state will benefit from his high-profile career move later this month, taking over from David Letterman as the host of popular US TV show The Late Show.

He raised the six-figure sum by auctioning off the desk and set from his previous series The Colbert Report, a satire in which he played a caricature of right-wing political pundits.

And even more classrooms in the US will gain because his donation has become an internet phenomenon, prompting copy-cat gifts to resource-starved state schools across the nation.

Mr Colbert’s funds will be used to pay for all outstanding requests from South Carolina teachers on a crowd-funding website he is involved with.

That amounts to nearly 1,000 school projects ranging from basic classroom supplies to new computers. He will also be helping teachers who have sought money for motivational posters, books with more diverse protagonists, tie-dye kits, musical instruments and gym equipment.





William Stewart

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Monday, 2015, May 11 – 18:04


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