Job prospects for new Scottish teachers reach record high

Job prospects for newly qualified teachers are the best they have ever been since at least 2007, a TESS survey reveals today.

New figures show that about 44 per cent of last year’s probationers were in permanent posts at the start of the school year, well above the previous high-water mark of 32 per cent in 2007, when TESS‘ annual survey first started.

This year’s numbers are also a dramatic improvement on a low of 12 per cent in 2010.

TESS received replies from 30 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities (Dundee and Clackmannanshire provided no figures) who took on 2,381 probationers last year. At least 1,053 are now in permanent posts, with 555 (23 per cent) in temporary jobs.

Teaching trade unions and other professional organisations have welcomed the results, although they stress that many new teachers still do not have permanent posts and will rely on intermittent supply work.

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