News story: Landmark education bill completes passage through Parliament

New measures allowing swifter intervention where a school is coasting or failing have been approved by Parliament, marking a major milestone in the government’s drive to spread educational excellence everywhere.

Last night (23 February 2016) the Education and Adoption Bill completed its passage through Parliament, sending a clear message that this government delivers on its manifesto commitments.

The bill will see more schools becoming academies – transforming the education system by giving power and responsibility to teachers on the front line, empowering schools themselves to spread excellence everywhere.

Measures within the bill will speed up the transformation of our worst schools, removing bureaucracy and delaying tactics that have made it difficult for successful, expert sponsors to offer support to underperforming schools.

Academies operate under the strictest possible system of oversight and accountability – more robust than in council-run schools – and are challenged to bring about rapid and sustained improvements when they do not reach the high standards we expect.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said:

No child should have to spend one day more than necessary in an underperforming school and as an urgent matter of social justice we are determined to spread educational excellence to every corner of the country.

The measures in the Education and Adoption Bill will improve the life chances of thousands of children in communities across England.

The bill will raise standards in schools by allowing us to tackle failure from day one, ensuring swift action is taken wherever a school is not providing the high standards of education rightly expected by parents.

The bill will now go to Her Majesty the Queen for royal assent, which when given will turn the bill into an act of Parliament. The measures in the bill will come into force as soon as possible after the bill receives royal assent.

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