L. B

Name: L. BPrivate home tuition London

Subjects & Levels:

  • Primary: Art, Literacy, Numeracy
  • Secondary: Art, Design & Technology, English, Maths,
  • GCSE: English, Art & Design
  • A Level: Product Design

University degree:

Brunel University
Bachelor of Arts Degree: Industrial Design & Technology 2:2

Locations: East London and surrounding areas

Enhanced DBS Check: Yes

About me:

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Design & Technology. My projects at University level have often been focused on children as consumers, and I have gained a wealth of knowledge into the minds of children by studying how they interact with objects and people, with the purpose of designing products to meet their needs. I am particularly interested in the importance of play in early childhood, and how it is a vehicle for learning. This was the context behind my final year project at University, and is what drives me to find creative ways of interacting with children to enhance their learning. I have been able to apply this knowledge in my current, voluntary work as a junior church leader in my local parish, a kids worker in my local community, and a tutor at Primary level. Each role requires me to adapt to the needs of each child and find effective ways of teaching them so that information is retained by the child, and a good rapport is developed between us; I believe this to be the foundation of working with children – gaining their trust and helping them to grow and realise their full potential.

What I do when I am not tutoring:

I am a very active person, so when I am not tutoring I like to keep myself busy. I enjoy reading, skating, cycling and Art & Design. I am extremely health-conscious and enjoy making smoothies and healthy, nutritious meals.
I spend a lot of time with family and friends and often baby-sit or help others to complete tasks or projects. I am a very sociable person and like to help with church events. I currently work as part of a team, running a Saturday club for inner-city children in my local community. We provide breakfast, games and activities, and lessons that are often moral-based for the children.

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