Sats tests get the ‘Downfall’ treatment

It is one of the internet’s longest-running memes, and now the Hitler from Downfall treatment has been given to the Sats tests.

Over the years, one iconic scene from the award-winning film has been manipulated to convey Hitler’s anger at a multitude of petty annoyances, such as being blocked from using his Xbox or the break-up of the band Oasis.

And the latest video captures Hitler, in the role of primary school headteacher, being told that his school’s key stage 2 test results are not quite as expected. His response sums up many teachers’ feelings towards Sats season.

The standout line from a frothing Adolf is: “The children around here can’t even speak properly, never mind switch tenses for effect, use word play and subtle humour. I saw one ‘gifted’ child say the plural of foot was ‘foots’ in the Spag test!”

Sit back and enjoy. Until the tests come around next year, of course.

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