Video testimonials – A gift that keeps on giving

ThinkstockPhotos-465351689We know that many students do exceedingly well with support from their parents, teachers and sports coaches. But how often do we get a chance to say thank you to the private tutors?

Many private tutors dedicate their time to making sure that their pupils achieve the A* grade they deserve. They also spend extra time planning their one-to-one sessions to ensure that each pupil is prepared for their examinations.

One of the best ways to say thank you to these tutors is to leave a positive review on their profile. An even better way is to leave a positive video testimonial on their profile! It really is a gift that keeps on giving!

As a registered parent, we would like to invite you to say thank you to any of our private tutors that you feel has made a huge difference in your child’s academic life.

We would usually ask for all feedback to go on the tutor’s profile but in addition to this, we would love for parents to make a short 30 seconds to 2 minute video to say thank you!

  1. When recording the video please try to make sure that we can see and hear you clearly
  2. You do not have to state your name but you should state the subject and level which the tutor supported with and the success eg. gained entrance to ‘x’ school or helped build confidence etc
  3. Please only address the tutor by his or her first name (The tutor may not appreciate having his or her full name shared online)
  4. The video will be shared on our Youtube page and links will be shared on our social media platforms. It will also be added to your tutor’s profile (with their permission)
  5. The video will also be shared at our annual awards ceremony for our private tutors.

Please email your videos to

There is also a prize draw for a £25 John Lewis every month for anyone who sends in a video testimonial. As usual, we will notify winners at the end of every month.

We look forward to receiving your video entry!

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