Teacher marks error-strewn Ukip flyer

Ukip’s push to be regarded as a serious player in the general election may have come undone after a teacher corrected an error-strewn flyer from the party that came through the letter box.

The leaflet produced by Ukip councillors in Somerset was littered with mistakes leading an English teacher to pull out the red pen and give it the full teacher treatment.

Local Ukip supporters Sharon Snook and Derek Tanswell from Frome produced the pamphlet about free parking but obviously forgot to run it through spellcheck before pushing it through people’s doors.

Among the many errors highlighted by the unknown teacher, was the incorrect spelling of “borders”, using “boarders” instead and a lack of basic punctuation. The pair, who recently defected from the Liberal Democrats to Ukip, even signed it off nonsensically with “If you vote Ukip your get Ukip”.

The only thing missing from the teacher’s mark-up was a missive stating: “Must try harder!”

And in the name of political fairness, we are calling on teachers across the UK to mark the political leaflets that come through the letterboxes and give them a mark out of 10. Tweet us with your best (or worst) examples for a bit Friday political fun.

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