Watch: Nicky Morgan jeered and heckled as she tells teachers to stop being negative

Education secretary Nicky Morgan was jeered and heckled this morning when she told a teaching union conference that the education system was better now than it was five years ago and urged the union to stop being negative about the profession.

Teachers at the NASUWT annual conference in Birmingham jeered when she said the system was now “much better” than it had been before the Conservatives came to power.

And they laughed and shouted “has the penny dropped?” when she said that of 20 press releases on the union’s website, only three were positive. ​

However, teachers also applauded Ms Morgan when she said she was “disgusted” by the findings of NASUWT research which found teachers were being abused on social media.

“There is never an excuse to threaten or harass a teacher,” she said, to applause from the crowd.

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