Watch: prime minister David Cameron asks school staff and pupils to get behind the World’s Largest Lesson

Politicians may have grand aims, says David Cameron. But it is today’s children – tomorrow’s politicians – who will achieve them.

This is the message of a new video, released by the prime minister in support of the World’s Largest Lesson.

“I want my own children to come home from school and talk about the fight to end poverty,” Mr Cameron says in the video. “Why? Because their generation is going to be the one to achieve it, and that starts with the World’s Largest Lesson.”

Organised by screenwriter Richard Curtis, together with children’s charity Unicef – and backed by TES – the World’s Largest Lesson project aims to communicate the new Global Development Goals to as many schoolchildren as possible, within the space of a single week.

The Global Goals – announced this month – pick up where the Millennium Goals left off. The aim is for them to facilitate the eradication of extreme poverty within the next 15 years.

The project’s organisers are asking teachers in schools around the world to spend between half an hour and an hour introducing the Global Goals to pupils during the next week. They should do this using a range of online teaching resources, including lesson plans drawn up by teachers from around the world.

“I hope children throughout the country and throughout the world will learn about these bold aims,” Mr Cameron says of the Global Goals.

For more information, visit the World’s Largest Lesson website.

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