AQA’s GCSE chemistry paper is getting a lot of love on Twitter

It’s not often exam boards are showered with praise on social media, but students took to Twitter in their droves today to speak of their appreciation for AQA’s GCSE chemistry exam.

Last week, Edexcel was in the line of fire as thousands of angry students took to Twitter to vent their fustration about its maths paper. The exam included a question about Hannah’s sweets, which soon became an internet phenomenon, but today students have been speaking of their joy about the questions set in their chemistry test.

Here are a pick of some of the best tweets:

I had to check twice to see if I had the foundation paper after the first two questions #aqachemistry

— elliot (@ellcoils3) June 9, 2015

when u notice that #aqachemistry had the question “limestone is mainly calcium _” repeated w the answer in later on

— // sadia // (@sxdia_x) June 9, 2015

turning to question two and seeing that it was a fill in the blanks about the limestone cycle #aqachemistry

— targaryen (@LouiseSapphire) June 9, 2015

“Fill in the gaps” #aqachemistry

— Stephanie (@StephanieAnnnee) June 9, 2015

When you turn over the first page and the first answer is given in the data sheet #aqachemistry

— rich (@r_ch86) June 9, 2015

My face when the earth’s early atmosphere was the 6 marker #aqachemistry

— Tim Slack (@WackoTimo) June 9, 2015

When electrolysis wasn’t on the paper #aqachemistry

— Bill the gym lad (@billyhowlett_) June 9, 2015

when electrolysis didn’t come up in the #aqachemistry exam

— nicole misses mgc (@balladmgc) June 9, 2015

trying to look at how high the grade boundaries will be like #aqachemistry

— zena (@davidtennunt) June 9, 2015

To whoever wrote today’s exam paper #aqachemistry

— E L I S H A (@_eliishaa) June 9, 2015

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