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WISE tutors girls graduationAt WISE tutors, we work with independent private tutors in the UK. Our private tutors are able to offer a range of services to families, schools and corporate clients. Our services are available to clients in the UK and abroad. We offer private home tutoring, online private tutoring, EFL private tutoring for students learning English as a foreign language and we offer private tutoring for students with SEN (special education needs)

Private home tutoring : Most of our clients in London, Kent and Surrey contact us because they require a tutor to support their child in their home on a regular basis.  Our highly qualified private tutors work with the student on a weekly basis and support the child with achieving their targeted academic goals. Parents find this is convenient when compared to tuition sessions where they need to drop the child and pick up the child from the tuition centre.

Online tutoring:  Private tutoring online can be extremely beneficial to clients that do not live within proximity to an expert private tutors. A large number of private tutors with WISE tutors are able to work with students via online tutoring. They use software that can assist with screen sharing and video discussions to assist each student with his or her progress.

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