Selecting a specialist private tutor

At WISE tutors, we provide parents and other clients with private tutors that are suitably qualified, experienced and able to assist students in the subjects required and at the level that is required.

We understand that it is important for the student to get along with the private tutor and enjoy the private tuition sessions. It is for this precise reason that we designed tutor profiles for each private tutor with WISE tutors.

Our tutor profiles provide information on each private tutor’s qualifications, skills, knowledge, area of expertise and private tuition experience. Parents and other clients have the opportunity to read through these tutor profiles before selecting and interviewing a private tutor.

It is important when looking through the tutor profile, that parents and clients appreciate that many of our private tutors are multi-skilled and have worked in a range of academic and professional fields before moving into professional private tutoring. Many private tutors still work in schools in the UK and others are retired. Therefore it is essential that parents consider all parts of the tutor profile when selecting a private tutor for their child.

In this section we will look at how you can use the information provided on the tutor profile to assist you with selecting a specialist private tutor for your child.