‘I have to quit the teaching job I once loved in order to live life’

Educator’s farewell to the profession goes viral

A teacher who posted an emotional Facebook status about her decision to leave the profession has seen her words go viral.

Aimee-Jo Lang posted a picture of her family to the TES Facebook page, along with a list of reasons why she had decided to quit teaching. Her heartfelt status has been shared more than 3,000 times, and liked nearly 10,000 times.

“Today, I became one of the 50 per cent,” she writes, referring to the NUT’s warning that more than half of teachers are considering leaving the profession over the next two years.

Ms Lang lists reasons why she would be “sad” to no longer teach, such as missing “pupils laughing when I’ve said something wrong”, “celebrations when a pupil achieves their best” and “hugs when a pupil has had the worst day”.

But she also explains her decisions behind leaving the profession, including, “marking for the sake of marking”, “feeling inadequate if the children are not making progress every time they blink” and “sleepless nights waiting for tomorrow’s observation, despite knowing you’re a good teacher”.

Now that she has left teaching, Ms Lang writes that she is looking forward to “more special moments with my children”, as well as “more time for me”.

Any thoughts that Ms Lang’s experience may be unique were quickly dispelled by the hundreds of comments added to her post, in which both current and former teachers speak out about their doubts and slow fading of a love for a profession they originally planned to spend the rest of their working lives in. One Facebook user writes, “My wife just became one of the 50 per cent a few days ago. The best part? She hasn’t cried by herself or with other colleagues for over seven days now.”

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