New shadow education secretary Pat Glass will not stand for re-election after death threats

Referendum campaign ‘divided families and communities’ Ms Glass says in a letter

Pat Glass, who was announced as Labour’s new shadow education secretary yesterday, has today she will not stand for election again as an MP following death threats against her.

The pro-Europe MP for North West Durham, who campaigned for remain in the referendum, did not attend Thursday’s count after police received four threats about her.

She has written to the chairman of her constituency Labour Party in a letter, saying “The referendum has been incredibly divisive, it divided families and communities and I have found it bruising in many respects. It has had an impact on both me and my family as I am sure it has had on many others”.

Ms Glass was thrown into the limelight during the referendum campaign when she apologised after calling a voter a “horrible racist” when he complained about his Polish neighbours.

Ms Clark’s constituency office confirmed that her decision not to stand in the next election – which could be as early as October – did not affect her new role as shadow education secretary for the time being.

The MP had a majority of more than 10,000 at the last general election. In County Durham, where her constituency stands, Leave received 57.5 per cent of the vote.

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