Preparing for your first assignment

It is absolutely essential that you make adequate preparations for your first tuition session with any client. Once we have provided you with full client details, you are required to contact the client within 24 hours to arrange the first tuition session.

The majority of your preparation will be dependent on the details collected in your first telephone call with the client.

First  impressions  count,  so  it  is  important  to  conduct  yourself  in  a  professional  manner on  the  telephone, remembering to  speak clearly, be  patient  and  most  importantly  to  listen to  the  student  or  their  parent.  Make sure  you  confirm  and  obtain  the  following information:

1. When and where: your first tutorial session is to take place. Often the parent will have two or three suitable days an times, it is important that you make a note of this and confirm the date and time as soon as possible.

2. Logistics  –  Is  there  parking?  Is  the  parent  going  to  be  in  the  house if you are tutoring a minor? Or another responsible adult?

3. Client  details  –  You  will  have already  received  these  details  from  our  consultants but  it  is  worth  confirming:  the age  of  the student,  the subject  they  need  help  with,  the level  and  goals  they  are  working  towards,  and  details  of  the  relevant  examination  board so you can check the syllabus before your first lesson.

4. Student Goals  –  determine  the  goals  of  the  client.  Are  they  aiming  for  an  entrance examination  to  a  specific  school?  Do  they  need  to  improve  their  predicted  grade  in  a subject?  Why  do  they  feel  they  need  a  tutor?  What  is  the  student’s  current  attainment? What grades are they trying to achieve?

5. Resources  –  Which  books  are  available  at  home?  Inform  or  remind  the  client  of any resources that they may need to purchase.

The  aim  of this  initial  conversation  is  for  the  client  to  confirm  that  you  are  the  right  tutor for  them  and  to schedule  the  first session.

From  this call  you should  have  obtained enough information to prepare adequately for your first lesson. You must contact WISE Tutors to confirm that you have held your first tuition session with the student.

You may do this by emailing , with your name, the student name, postcode and the date of the first session.

IMPORTANT  –  If  you  cannot  get  hold  of  a  client  within  24  hours  of  being given  the  client  details  YOU MUST  email to let us know.