G. D

Name: G. Dprivate tutors london

Subjects & Levels: Mathematics , upto GCSE

University degree: BSc Mathematics, Bachelor of Education ( Mahathma Gandhi University from India)

Locations: South west London , preferably Wimbledon

Enhanced DBS Check: Yes

About me:

I am born & brought up in India, as a first child of educated parents. I had my education in a catholic school & college. As a family ,we had a strong sense of bonding and love towards each other. Apart from good education, my parents ensured that I grow up with good values and morals .
I was a teacher for a decade in different schools across my country .I have always tried to enhance the learning experience of my students using various methods. I also try to update my knowledge. I have been using software available in the schools to support my class room teaching. Over time I have also aligned my teaching processes to the above methodology, and have learned to use the play-way technique, thereby making my classroom teaching as interesting an experience as possible for the students and me at once. I have tried to encourage the more gifted children by providing them extra materials and books and helped the weak ones by taking extra classes . I have good listening skills and am approachable. I came to London last year along with my family. I am anxiously waiting to pursue my dreams here

What I do when I am not tutoring:

I have volunteered work with Wimbledon Library Children’s Activities.
I help out my own children with their lessons and homework. I try to volunteer in my son’s Primary school for activities organised in school. Besides these I hear motivational talks , solve puzzles ,read and do the routine cooking and cleaning at home expected out of every homemaker.

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