Teacher’s ‘homework for life’ charms the internet

Teachers who are starting to think about summer assignments for their pupils might want to take inspiration from a very popular teacher in Italy.

Cesare Cata, who teaches at a secondary school in the central Le Marche region, has caused an internet storm by giving his students an unconventional list of tasks.

It includes instructions to watch the sunrise and to “walk by the sea, thinking about the things you love most in life, feel happy”.

The list of 15 tasks also includes avoiding “situations and people that make you negative or empty” and spending time with friends who “understand and appreciate you for who you are”.

Mr Cata also tells his students to read as much as they can, but “not because you have to”. Students should read because they want to be inspired, he says. They should also use the summer break to “find the strength to pursue dreams”.

However, some of his tasks are more academic: he wants pupils to “use the vocabulary learned in class this year” and “review the notes of our lessons”.

In a note setting out the tasks, Mr Cata explains: “The more things you can say, the more things you can think, and the more things you can think, the freer you are.”

He posted his list of tasks on his Facebook page, adding: “Here’s the special ‘homework for the holidays’ that I have left to my guys for the summer of 2015.”

It has been shared more than 6,700 times.

The post has attracted hundreds of admiring comments on Facebook, with one Spanish university student writing: “I want to become a primary school teacher and you have given me a brilliant idea to send summer homework. Very inspiring! Grazie!”

Others said his instructions should be seen as “homework for life” and that they would give the list of tasks to their own pupils this summer.

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