The 10 best #TESoverheard quotes this week

After listing what we thought were the 10 funniest quotes overheard in the classroom from our archives, we have been bowled over by the number of responses both in our inboxes and via the hashtag #TESoverheard.

We’ve picked out the 10 best that you have sent us this week and each and every person below will be getting a – wait for it – flashing TES pen! Keep sending us your funniest quotes and we will pick out our best quote from the month, which will win a mystery prize. Ooooooooooh.

Keep tweeting your entries to @tes with the hashtag #TESoverheard or email

  1. Overheard in a Year 5/6 morning challenge to design your own imaginary island:
    Child one: “So the sand will be made of gummy bears and the tree will be chocolate with green jelly baby leaves and the sea will be… Oh… What’s that blue stuff…?”
    Child two: “WKD?”

  2. @tes me: why are you not eating the pizza you’ve made? 4yearold: I only eat things made by people who know what they’re doing #TESoverheard

    — Mr Ray (@simonissuperman) September 29, 2015

  3. Many moons ago, I had just had my classroom blinds replaced after much pestering. A student started messing with them and I scolded him, telling him that they had just cost £60 to replace. He replied: “£60! Daylight robbery!”
    I don’t think he realised how witty he had been, but I was incapable for five minutes afterwards.

  4. Several years ago, during the World Cup, I was telling the Year 2 class I was working in that England had won it in 1966. One little girl commented, in all seriousness, “Weren’t we still monkeys then?”

  5. @tes #TESoverheard Yr13 Student 1: “Do you like my new top? Don’t worry, it’s faux fur.” Student 2: “What animal’s that from then?”

    — Lianne Onslow (@lianneonslow) October 1, 2015

  6. @tes Colleague to her Yr 1 Class: What do you know about Jesus? Pupil: He died on a hot cross bun. #TESoverheard

    — Jo Ashlin (@josharpee) September 30, 2015

  7. @tes What is the fibula? Is it a small lie Sir? #TESoverheard

    — Mr Garner (@MrGGarner) September 29, 2015

  8. @tes Miss, is Marie curie the same as the woman who sings that Christmas song? Mariah Carey? Yes her. Me, no.#TESoverheard

    — rachael lucas (@stokerach) September 27, 2015

  9. #TESoverheard Me: ‘What is grammar?’ My Year 2Pupil: ‘She’s an old lady who gives you biscuits…’

    — Stephen (@stephen__farmer) September 27, 2015

  10. @tes #TESoverheard bit of a niche one- while teaching the Reformation (to Year 12): ‘why couldn’t the Pope just convert to Protestantism?’

    — Helen Pike (@SHHS_Head) September 27, 2015

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