The matching process

1. Check the job board and check your emails.

There are two ways to check for tuition assignments:

We will contact you by email or telephone if we believe that you are suitable match for a new assignment based on you subject specialism, location and previous feedback from previous tuition jobs.

Alternatively, you can check for new assignments posted on our job board. The job board ( is updated daily and you will need to send an email to state your interest in a particular job.

If we do not email any assignment to you, this may be because there are no assignments that closely match your profile. Please bear in mind that we only contact the top 5-10 tutors that match the client’s requirements. Therefore if many tutors live within 5 miles of the client, these will be the tutors that we contact.

2. Reply by email to express your interest in a job (include the client postcode)

We identify each job by its full postcode so if you are interested in an assignment, you will need to send us an email to state this.

Please read through the details of the assignment carefully as it is very typical for clients to state that they are only available on certain days and times and it would not be fair for you to express an interest if you are not available on these days or at these times.

3. The client will be sent a link to your profile

Once you express your availability or interest for a particular potential job, we will send your profile to the client. It is important to note that it is entirely up to the client if he or she decides to go ahead with you.

The client is usually sent 3-6 profiles for any assignment and they will usually look at your profile and compare it to other tutors that have expressed their interest in the assignment.

4. Matching you with the client (full client details)

If the client chooses to go ahead with you, we will call you again to confirm your availability and you will receive the full contact details for the client so you can begin tuition.

You will need to contact them within 24 hours of being matched so that you can schedule your first session which will usually be an assessment session.

In another article we will talk about how to prepare for your first tuition assignment.