Name: M. WISE tutors private tutor

Subjects & Levels:

  • Primary: English, Maths and Science
  • 11+: English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning
  • GCSE: English Literature, English Language, Mathematics and History
  • A Level: English Literature, History and Sociology
  • University: Essay Writing Skills and Dissertation Assistance

University degree:

  • University of St Andrews
  • Master of Arts English Literature and Classical Studies Joint Honors 2:1

Enhanced DBS Check: Yes

Locations: South London Zones 1 to 6

About me:

I tutor a range of ages from nursery school children applying to primary school to university graduates learning English. My most frequent clients are children studying to take their 11+ exams.

I practice the ‘Presentation, Practice, Production’ methodology of teaching in my lessons. I start each lesson with a short warm up activity. I then move on to a presentation, teaching the skills and knowledge required. After this I provide worksheets for students to practice what they have learnt. I conclude by giving the student an activity which enables them to present what they have achieved in that lesson. I also provide weekly update emails to each parent to keep them informed of progress made in each session.

My teaching experience includes 3 years of professional tutoring in London, along side teaching English in schools in Kenya, Rwanda and Brazil and volunteer work in local primary schools as a reading mentor. Furthermore I am currently studying a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course which helps build my knowledge of lesson planning and teaching techniques.

What I do when I am not tutoring:

Alongside tutoring and studying ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language,’ I am a playwright. I write for Blue Song Theatre Company, which produces plays that tour around the UK.

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M. SKU UPC Model

Creative tutor

May 15, 2015 by Jesmond P
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

She is a really creative person. She has been really organised and has built excellent relationships with us all.

great rapport with children

Apr 02, 2015 by Claire H
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: English 

M. works well with school groups of children (usually GCSE/6th Form age) and can relate to them well.

3.0 5.0 2 2 She is a really creative person. She has been really organised and has built excellent relationships with us all. M.