Affordable long term private tuition

private home tuition london WISE TutorsIt is extremely important to WISE Tutors that our clients are able to receive affordable high quality private home tuition specifically for parents looking for long term tuition.

Over the past few years, the cost for good quality private tuition has increased significantly. Due to the high costs often associated with private tutoring, many parents either compromise on quality or choose to work with tutors at a stage that is too late to have an impact on the student’s grades.

High Quality private tuition:

It is important that parents choose to work with a tutor that is suitable qualified and has helped a number of students succeed at or above their child’s required level of learning.

By working with a highly qualified and experienced professional tutor, parents can feel confident that the private tutor is aware of the exam syllabus, has the suitable materials and resources for preparing for the exam, has a range of teaching or tutoring techniques suited to the child’s learning style or abilities and has a previous track record of students that have been successful in exams and are are now working at or above the required examination stage.

Parents that compromise on quality, choose to work with a tutor that may not have the knowledge needed to support the child with exam technique and the skills and experience needed to understand their child as an individual and bring out his or her confidence.

Compromising on quality of tuition is a risk that could effectively waste the student’s time and the client’s financial resources as the student will be less likely to receive the required or expected results.

Effective long term private tuition

Clients seeking to save money, may be tempted to compromise on the duration of private tutoring. This may be in the form of reducing the weekly hours of tuition or by waiting until the last minute to find a private tutor. Unfortunately, this form of short-term private tuition very often has little or no real impact on the student’s learning and development.

Students that experience short term, intensive or last minute tuition, tend to feel more stressed and unprepared when compared to students that have experienced long-term private tuition.

Many tutors are against last minute or intensive tuition as they find that last minute tuition may in fact have a negative impact on the student’s confidence prior to the exam. This is because the student may begin to give up on himself as he begins to realise that the gaps in their knowledge are too big and there is not enough time to cover all the topics required for the exam.

For this reason, WISE Tutors encourage clients to seek out effective long term private tuition with expert tutors. Prior to registering with WISE Tutors, we inform you of the minimum number of hours of tuition required per week. As a general rule of thumb, this would be 1 hour per week for one subject and one student and 1.5 hours per week for two or more subjects or students.

In addition to this, our private tutors use the first private tuition session to assess your child at the first tuition session to find out if the tuition goals are realistic in the time frame provided and we will inform you in advance if we feel that the private tuition sessions may not be able to provide the results that you may be looking for.

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