Private home tuition

The most popular form of private tutoring with WISE tutors is private home tuition. Most private tutoring with WISE tutors is carried out in the client’s home on a weekly basis. We find that regular private tuition for 1-2 hours per week throughout the academic year is much more effective than daily tuition for a few weeks before the exam.

Our private tutors usually come to your home and work directly with your child. Parents find this is convenient when compared to tuition sessions where they need to drop the child and pick up the child from the tuition centre.

Some of our private tutors are also able to offer tuition within their home or at a local library if the client prefers this. This can be useful is the client prefers the private tutor not to work in the family home.

All of our private tutors are DBS (formerly CRB) checked. However, for child protecting and safeguarding reasons, private tutors will still require a responsible adult to be present at all tuition sessions. This means that all tuition sessions, whether they take place in the client’s home, tutor’s home or in a local library, must be supervised and the client or parent is expected to meet with the tutor at the start or end of the session.

Parents are also required to be available at the start and end of tuition session so that the private tutor can schedule or conduct feedback meetings with the parent and inform the parent of any homework that may require additional attention from the parent.

All professional tutors with WISE tutors are able to offer one to one tuition ie. working directly with one student. However, in some cases, the client may require one tutor for two or more students and most of our private tutors will be happy to provide this.

Please be aware that private tuition with more than one student or more than one subject, is often charged at a higher rate. In addition to this, there is a minimum requirement of 1.5 hours of weekly tuition for private tuition sessions with more than one student or more than one subject.

The students must be tutored in the same subject/s and at a relatively similar level or close Key Stage group eg. KS2 and KS3. This means that tutors cannot teach two students where one is preparing for GCSEs and the other is in primary school.

For tuition sessions with three subjects (eg. triple science) or three students, we recommend 2 or more hours of tuition per week. For cases where there are more than one subject and/or more than one student, a member of our team will be able to provide further information on the recommended minimum weekly tuition hours.

Some parents choose to have two sessions per week as they get closer to the examination date. However, for some students this form of intensive tuition is not required as they have already received many hours of tuition throughout the year. Also bear in mind that some students may find this form of intensive tuition extremely stressful so this is something for the parent and possibly the student to consider before registration.

Please note that private home tutors with WISE Tutors will not be able to tutor two or more students or two or more subjects within just one hour as the tuition will not be effective and this could negatively impact tutor feedback.

For private tuition sessions with more than one student, we require that the the students are in the same key stage group or similar in age and the tuition sessions must cover the same subjects.

Our private home tutors are able to tutor in homes in and around London, Kent and Surrey.

We have private tutors in Clapham, private tutors in Barking, private tutors in Dagenham,private tutors in Barnet, private tutors in Bexley, private tutors in Brent, private tutors in Bromley, private tutors in Camden, private tutors in Croydon, private tutors in Ealing, private tutors in Enfield, private tutors in Greenwich, private tutors in Hackney, private tutors in Hammersmith,  private tutors in Fulham, private tutors in Haringey, private tutors in Harrow, private tutors in Harrow, private tutors in Havering, private tutors in Hillingdon, private tutors in Hounslow, private tutors in Islington,private tutors in Kensington, private tutors in Chelsea, private tutors in Kingston, private tutors in Lambeth, private tutors in Lewisham, private tutors in Merton, private tutors in Newham, private tutors in Redbridge, private tutors in Richmond, private tutors in Southwark, private tutors in Sutton, private tutors in Tower Hamlets, private tutors in Waltham Forest, private tutors in Wandsworth and private tutors in Westminster.

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