English private tuition for students from primary up to pre-university stage is becoming more and more popular.

With a weakness in English possibly affecting all other subjects, parents are keen to help their children get an early grasp of English reading and writing to ensure that this does not negatively affect their understanding in other important subjects.

Parents are aware that a weakness in English writing technique can ultimately affect a child’s attainment in examinations. Private English tutors are often engaged to help the student fully understand the concepts and communicate the answers in the writing style and language that will help them attain better marks in examinations.

Parents may also seek an English tutor due to their child having special educational needs that affect their learning in this subject. In cases like this, we have a number of specialist SEN private tutors that can assist students with needs such as dyslexia or dysgraphia.

However, private tuition in English is mostly used to build the student’s confidence in the subject. Teachers, parents or guardian’s may have noticed weaknesses in reading or writing and may realise that this could be overcome with personalised one-to-one English support. For other students, the English private tutor is needed as the student approaches a major examination eg 11+, ISEB,  SATS, GCSE or A-levels.

From primary through to secondary level, students in the UK are expected to study English language and develop their fluency in writing, reading and comprehension skills as well as their speaking and listening skills. Our English tutors aim to help students with all aspects of the English language development by providing a holistic programme of learning suited to the child’s learning style.

The majority of English tutors with WISE tutors are able to provide English tuition at primary or secondary level. Secondary English tutors with WISE tutors have usually studied English at A-level, degree level or further, they are experienced in helping pupils prepare for English examinations and they have various strategies and techniques to help the student fully understand all aspects of the subject.

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Most students that choose to study English literature at GCSE or A-level stage, will probably already have a strong interest in the subject. However, having a keen interest does not always mean that the student feels confident with the subject knowledge or prepared for the exam.

At GCSE and A-level stage, English literature students are expected to read a range of texts independently, both texts set by the school and texts that they have selected for themselves. English literature tutors aim to help GCSE and A-level students engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts and develop ways of responding to various texts.

Our private English literature tutors aim to help students develop and effectively apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation as well as explore the contexts of the texts they are reading and others’ interpretations of them. Private tutors with WISE tutors are also able to provide guidance on texts that can support the student with developing their knowledge and understanding in the three main components of English literature; drama, poetry and prose

For many students struggling with English literature, the key issue is understanding the techniques require to excel in the GCSE or A-level examination. Private tutors with WISE tutors, help English literature students by assisting with their answering techniques and providing guidance on the answers that will award the highest marks. Our private tutors specialising in English literature are familiar with the exam syllabus for OCR, AQA and Edexcel examinations as well as the typical exam questions.

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