Tutor Profiles

By working with specialist private tutors, WISE tutors is able to offer private tuition in a range of subjects from primary to pre-university level. We have a large pool of highly qualified private tutors and registered clients will be provided with details of tutor profiles to assist with shortlisting their preferred specialist tutor.
Our private tutor profiles include details of the tutor’s qualifications, experience and reviews from previous parents and other clients. Once registered with WISE tutors, we will provide you with profiles of two or three private tutors that meet your criteria. We do not pass your details to the tutor until you are registered and you have short-listed your preferred tutor.

Although we provide guidance on how to select a specialist private tutor, the final decision is usually based on the client or the student’s personal preference.
With over 200 private tutors registered with WISE tutors, we are confident that we can match you with a highly qualified tutor that meets your needs. Click below to view profiles of some of our private tutors.
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