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[accordion-item title=”Introducing Science”]Science is a statutory subject for all students in the UK and all students are expected to study science up to GCSE level. Encouraging young people’s interest in STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is a major priority in the UK, particularly for business and enterprise. Many parents are therefore keen for their child to be aware of the opportunities and developments within Science particularly for their future career. Parents often seek private tutors to help develop their child’s scientific knowledge and help their child become fully engaged with science lessons.

Some students may feel naturally interested in Science and parents may seek a private tutor that can help harness this interest and extend their child’s learning beyond the classroom. For students without a natural interest in science, parents may seek a private tutor that can help build their confidence with the science or particular topics within science.[/accordion-item]

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Developing your child’s interest in Science at an early age can make a huge difference in his or her engagement in school and it is for this reason that more and more parents are seeking specialist private tutors to support their child at primary level.

At primary level, students are taught a range of interesting topics in science. Students learn how to conduct basic scientific experiments to test a hypothesis, they learn about materials and their properties, they are introduced to electricity, magnetism and circuits. Students are also taught about life processes in plants and animals, the solar system, light, sound and vibrations and they are introduced to forces. For students that have a natural love for science, this can be extremely enjoyable. For students that struggle with science, these topics can be overwhelming and homework and other extension tasks can become a huge burden.

Parents will have a variety of reasons for requiring a primary science tutor. For some parents that the priority is bridging any gaps in their child’s learning. Parents may have noticed a weakness in science and require a specialist science tutor that can help build their child’s confidence and help their child enjoy the subject. For other parents, the priority is finding a private tutor that can help build their child’s interest in the subject.

We are confident that, whatever your reasons for seeking a specialist science tutor, our private tutors can support your child in achieving your private tuition goals.

Our primary science tutors have helped numerous students gain a better understanding of topics in science. Our primary science tutors are able to support students in KS1 and KS2 with preparing for a range of examinations including SATS exams, scholarship examinations, 7+, 8+ exams, 11+ exams other independent school entrance exams including 11+ ISEB science examinations.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Secondary science tuition”]

At primary and early secondary level in the UK, Science is usually approached as one subject. However, at upper secondary level and A-level stage, science is usually treated as three individual subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students preparing for Year 11 GCSE exams will usually prepare for the Double or Triple Science examinations.

We have a large number of professional private tutors that specialise in providing private tuition in science. They also provide GCSE and A-level Physics tuition, Biology tuition and Chemistry tuition.

Our private tutors are experienced in helping students prepare for GCSE Double or Triple Science examinations and they have helped numerous students prepare for A-level and I.B Physics, Chemistry and Biology examinations.

All specialist science tutors with WISE tutors have studied science up to A-level, degree level or above. Many of our science private tutors have worked in engineering, scientific research and health related fields and industries and a large number of our specialist science private tutors have assisted with the teaching of science in independent or state schools.

As students move on to secondary school, they expected to design experiments to test their scientific theorems, develop their scientific thinking, improve their practical enquiry skills and critically analyse and evaluate evidence from observations and experiments.

Parents may seek a specialist secondary science tutor to assist with preparing for 13+ exams or GCSE examinations. Parents may choose to start private tuition early as they require a private tutor that can ensure that their child’s foundational knowledge is secure enough to progress through the demands of secondary school.

Science at secondary school may be taught as one subject or introduced as three separate subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. From years 7 to 11, students are expected to learn topics in science in line with the national curriculum. At GCSE level, students will usually learn topics in Science in line with the exam syllabus for the particular GCSE examination board eg. AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

Specialist science private tutors with WISE tutors are able to support students preparing for GCSE double or triple science examinations. Our private tutors help students fully understand topics within physics, chemistry and biology, they aim to build each student’s interest in the subject and they provide private tuition in a way that student’s find engaging.[/accordion-item]


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