How can I contact WISE Tutors?

Please email contactus@wisetutors.co.uk or use the chat system below.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.30pm. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Enquiries by email should be sent to contactus@wisetutors.co.uk. If you require immediate support, we recommend that you contact us using the online chat system.

Please bear in mind that we are closed at weekends including bank holiday weekends. We are also closed in the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of August.

Where are you located? Which countries do you provide private tuition in?

We are located in Croydon which is just south of London, England. We provide private home tuition to families in London. We also have a growing number of requests for international private tuition from families in Europe, parts of Africa, Asia and some families in the US.

Are all private tutors with WISE tutors CRB (DBS) checked?

Yes, all our private tutors are DBS (formerly CRB) checked. This means that we have a copy of their CRB/DBS certificate on record. Clients are within their rights to request the original certificate which the tutor should provide within 1 week of request.

Are private tutors employed by WISE Tutors?

WISE Tutors does not employ private tutors. All tutors registered with us are independent professional self-employed tutors that choose to sign up with our agency.

Many tutors choose WISE Tutors as they appreciate that many parents prefer to go through a reputable agency. Our tutors are extremely aware of the benefits of having continuous positive feedback from parents and they often share their profile with future clients to assure them of their reputation and professionalism as a private home tutor.

How does WISE tutors select its tutors?

At WISE Tutors, we conduct a short interview with all tutors before shortlisting private tutors. During the interview we find out more about their skills, qualifications, experience and motivations for teaching or private tutoring. At WISE Tutors, We ensure that we carry out checks on documents and certifications including a DBS (formerly CRB) check. In addition to this, we conduct reference checks on all private tutors using details of previous employers and parents of tutees.

Will I have the opportunity to shortlist and interview tutors before we begin tuition?

Yes. After your registration, we will send you profiles of suitable tutors. Once you have selected the most suitable tutor, we will send you full contact details so that you can conduct a brief telephone interview and arrange your first tuition session.

If you are not satisfied with the telephone conversation with the tutor, we advise you not to proceed with the first tuition session. We ask that you contact our office to give us feedback so that we can arrange an alternative tutor for you.

Are home tutors able to conduct private home tuition for more than one student at a time?

Yes. Some tutors will agree to 1:2 or 1:3 tuition. The tuition must be for a minimum of 1.5 hours per week and there are additional fees for each additional student. The students must be tutored in the same subject/s and at a relatively similar level or close Key Stage group eg. KS2 and KS3. This means that tutors cannot teach two students where one is preparing for GCSEs and the other is in primary school.

Are any of the home tutors with WISE Tutors able to tutor two or more subjects?

Yes. Some tutors will be able to support your child with more than one subject. This is usally easier with primary tuition where teachers and tutors are able to cover a wide range of subjects. However, secondary tutors tend to be specialist tutors which means that they will usually specialise in just one or two subjects and may not be able to tutor all the subjects that you require.

In any case, at registration we will need to know which subjects you require and we will try to match you with one or two tutors that can tutor these subjects and we will let you know if we are not able to find a tutor that covers all your subjects.


Who are your tutors?

Private tutors with WISE Tutors come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. Many of our tutors teach in independent or state schools and a large number of our tutors are retired teachers. Many of our tutors choose WISE tutors due to the nature of our fair feedback system that helps parents recognise each tutors strengths.

All our private tutors are graduates and have either worked in primary or secondary schools as a teacher or built their tutoring experience by working as a private professional tutor.

All our private tutors hold either a 2:1 degree or a 2:2 degree with a Masters, PhD, PGCE or Qualified Teacher Status. Many of our private tutors are graduates from Oxbridge and Russell Group universities and a large number of our private tutors have Masters or Doctorate degrees.

Tutor degrees and experience can be seen on each tutor’s online profile.

What are the steps I will need to take in order to start tuition with WISE tutors?

The first step is to contact us for a tuition fee quote. You will need to provide us with the number of students, subjects and levels of tuition as well as your postcode. We usually respond with expected tuition fees and further details about WISE tutors within 24 hours.

All clients are required to fill in an online registration form and pay a registration fee before we proceed with matching you with a tutor. We will usually fill in the registration form with you on the phone. However, you may prefer to fill this online in your own time. We will need to know your tuition goals and requirements as well as your child’s availability for tuition.

Once we have received payment of the registration fee, we will begin to contact our private home tutors that have a matching availability and meet your tuition goals and requirement. We will usually send you profiles of suitable tutors within 3-5 working days.

Once you have selected your preferred tutor, we will send you full contact details for the tutor so that you can conduct a short telephone interview and arrange your first tuition session.


Are tutors with WISE Tutors able to recommend any books and resources?

Yes, your tutor will usually recommend books and resources after assessing your child at the first tuition session.

In addition to this, we have an online bookstore with a range of books and resources that we recommend to parents. We also update our blog, website and social media sites with useful resources and news updates for parents and students.

Who is responsible for purchasing books and other resources?

It is the clients responsibility to purchase all books and resources. Your tutor will usually provide a few resources to support your child particularly for the first session which is usually an assessment session.

After the first tuition session, where the tutor has had a chance to assess your child, your home tutor will recommend suitable books or resources for printing.

Before your first tuition session, we recommend that you bring out all books and resources that you are already using so that the tutor can be aware of any books that he/she can continue to use with your child.


How do I make payment for private tuition sessions?

Payment for private tuition sessions is usually made directly to the tutor. Client’s will need to sign timesheet each week as proof of payment and attendance. Most tutors will accept payment by cash or bank transfer. If you require a copy of proof of payment to be sent to you, this must be arranged directly with your tutor.

We will usually contact you after the final tuition session to ensure that all payment has been made to the tutor or to chase up on any payments that the tutor claims has not been made.

We do not get involved with payment for tuition sessions while tuition sessions are still taking place. If a complaint is made by the tutor or the client, we may assist with resolving this issue before adding feedback to the tutor’s profile.

What is policy for cancelling tuition sessions with a private tutor?

You must inform the tutor at least 24 hours before the tuition session if you wish to cancel the session. If this notice is not provided, the tutor may charge 1 hour of tuition and this will need to be paid before tuition sessions can continue. Tutors that continually receive cancellation for sessions may choose to terminate private tuition.

My tutor has collected payment but did not provide a timesheet for me to sign as proof of payment, what should I do?

It is essential that the tutor provides a timesheet for payment along with the WISE tutor logo at the top. This is the official timesheet and should be presented before the end of each tuition session. The timesheet is designed to prevent payment disputes which usually arise when there is no record of payment. Please discuss this with your tutor and request a record of payment to be provided via email or otherwise. If the tutor has still not provided you with proof of your payment or claims that you owe money when in fact you paid for the tuition session, we suggest that you contact us on 02088168066 or email contactus@wisetutors.co.uk


How do I arrange a replacement private tutor with WISE tutors?

If at any point in time, you wish to change tutors, please contact our office by emailing contactus@wisetutors.co.uk and a member of our team will arrange a replacement tutor. We will usually still ask for feedback as this is required for the tutor’s profile.

My tutor has completed a tuition session with my child and I am not entirely satisfied, do I still have to pay for this session?

Yes, you will need to pay for any tuition sessions that have taken place or sessions where the 24 hours notice has not been provided. As our private tutors do not offer free tuition sessions, we are unable to provide refunds on tuition sessions or discounts on sessions where the client is not entirely satisfied.

If you are not happy with the quality of tuition received, you will still need to pay for the expected amount for the tuition fees. You may then explain to the tutor that you wish to terminate all future tuition sessions and contact WISE tutors so that we can find a replacement tutor. Tutors should be paid for any tuition sessions that they have conducted with you. Clients are always free to leave feedback about the tutor on the tutor’s profile.

What should I do if my tutor keeps turning up late or does not turn up to the tuition session?

We understand that there may be one-off cases where the tutor is held behind by a number of factors. However, it is unacceptable for a tutor to continually turn up late to tuition sessions or fail to turn up to the session.

All tutors with WISE tutors join us based on the professionalism and commitment shown by all tutors, therefore it is highly likely that such a tutor would be removed from our books.

In the first instance we would ask you to discuss this with your tutor in case there has been a misunderstanding about the start or end time for tuition sessions. Alternatively, please email contactus@wisetutors.co.uk and we will endeavour to resolve this. In most cases this will mean finding a replacement tutor.

What should I do if I have a complaint about one of the private tutors or the agency?

We aim for all clients to be entirely satisfied with the service that they receive from WISE tutors and our private home tutors. If you have a complaint, we would appreciate it if you email us directly complaint@wisetutors.co.uk. This is to ensure that we have full details of the complaint and can deal with this immediately. Please note that if it is an urgent matter, you will need to call us on 02088168066.


Does WISE Tutors have a minimum number of hours for each tuition session?

Yes. The recommended number of tuition hours per week depends on a number of factors including the student’s current attainment when compared to the target attainment, the nearness of the examination date if applicable. It also depends on the number of subjects required for tutoring and the number of students in the tuition group if this is not one-to-one tuition.

As a general rule of thumb, for private one-to-one tuition sessions with just one student and one subject, an hour per week is quite typical. For tuition sessions with two subjects or two students, we recommend 1.5 or more hours of tuition per week. For tuition sessions with three subjects (eg. triple science) or three students, we recommend 2 or more hours of tuition per week.

Some parents choose to have two sessions per week as they get closer to the examination date. However, for some students this form of intensive tuition is not required as they have already received many hours of tuition throughout the year. Also bear in mind that some students may find this form of intensive tuition extremely stressful especially if they are preparing for a number of exams, so this is something for the parent and possibly the student to consider before registration.

Please note that private home tutors with WISE Tutors will not be able to tutor two or more students or two or more subjects within just one hour as the tuition will not be effective and this could negatively impact tutor feedback.

Does WISE tutors have a minimum required number of tuition sessions?

Yes. Most our private home tutors seek to work with clients looking for long term tuition ie. 12 weeks or more. This means that they can remain committed to the family or client for at least 3 months. We usually discuss each tuition request on a case by case basis. Priority will usually be given to long term clients. For clients seeking less than 12 weeks tuition, tutors may be less inclined to start private home tuition in case a long term client requests their assistance during this period.

Are you still able to provide intensive tuition if my child’s exam is in less than 12 weeks?

We have a strong preference for weekly one to one tuition over a period of one year or more. We believe that this is much more effective than any form of intensive home tuition.

However, we recognise that in some cases, parents only realise the need for tuition at a very late stage. If your child has is taking an exam in less than three months, we would recommend that you take up intensive tuition for three to four hours per week. You may wish to split this into two sessions per week.

Always bear in mind that some students may find this form of intensive tuition extremely stressful so this is something for parents and students to consider before registration.

My child’s exam is not for another 2-3 years, could we arrange to have private home tuition every other week?

Unfortunately, our tutors are only able to provide tuition once a week or more. We find that private tuition is much more effective when carried out weekly.


How does WISE tutors monitor the progress of tuition sessions?

All tutors are required to conduct an assessment at the first session with your child. Following this, they will meet with you to discuss your tuition goals and tuition needs.

All our private tutors are provided with a pupil progress planner in order to make a record of the topics covered and work done during the session. It is also used to record any progress made any pupil misconceptions that need to be covered in the future.

WISE Tutors does not directly monitor the progress of tuition sessions. However, we provide guidance for private tutors and clients to ensure that progress is being made at each tuition session.

We also collect feedback from the client every few weeks at at the end of every academic term.

How often should I expect to get feedback on my child’s progress?

Private tutors will usually provide detailed feedback every four weeks. Some tutors and parents may prefer to give weekly feedback. This will usually be 5-10 minutes of feedback. Longer sessions of feedback ie. 10-30 minutes will usually mean ending the tuition session earlier and using the rest of the tuition session to meet with you and give detailed feedback.

Many private tutors will tutor two or more students on the same day and this means that they will need to leave your home on time in order to be punctual for their proceeding tuition session.

How do I add a new review to my tutor’s profile?

We encourage clients to write reviews on all tutors that they have worked with. To add a new review to your tutor’s profile, you will need to request login details and a link to your tutor’s profile. This is usually sent to you within your first week of working with the home tutor. If you require assistance with writing the review or logging into the website, please call WISE tutors 02088168066.

Can I read reviews and references for each private tutor?

Yes. You can read all our tutor reviews on our website page dedicated to tutor reviews. To read reviews on each tutor’s profile, you will need login details which will be provided to you after registration.

Each private tutor has a profile page where you can read about their qualifications and experience. You can also read reviews from previous clients and references from their current or previous employment.

In addition to this, we request that all clients write a review on their tutor as it gives other clients a better understanding of the qualities of the private home tutor and helps them with making a decision to proceed with the tutor.


Does WISE Tutors charge a registration fee?

Yes. Parents are required to pay a one-off fee that covers administrative costs of contacting our tutors and sending you profiles. Once you are registered with us, we will send profiles of suitable tutors for you to select.

What are your general tuition fees?

Private tuition fees with our tutors usually depend on the location for tuition, the number of students in each tuition session, number of subjects required and the year group of the students requiring tuition. One-to-one tuition for a primary student is at a minimum rate of £35 for an hour, secondary tuition is at a minimum rate of £40 per hour and A-level tuition is at a minimum rate of £50 per hour.

Do any of the private tutors with WISE tutors offer trial tuition sessions?

Unfortunately, none of our tutors are able to offer free trial sessions. Private tutors with WISE tutors must be paid for any private tuition sessions attended or any arranged visits to the client.

Are there additional transportation fees?

No. Our tutors do not charge additional transportation fees. We contact tutors that live or work closest to your home. The fee quoted at registration is the agreed fee between the tutor and the client. If there are any changes to this, the tutor will inform WISE tutors before agreeing to begin tuition.

What information do I need to provide to register as a client with WISE Tutors?

We will need your contact details as well as the most suitable days and times for tuition. We will also need to know your tuition goals and needs as well as any preferences you have when searching for a tutor. Once payment has been received for the registration fee, we will send you profiles of 2 or more suitable tutors within your proximity.

What happens if you are unable to match me with a tutor?

If we are unable to provide you with details of a suitable tutor within 14 days of registration, we will inform you and refund your full registration fee. If you find a tutor elsewhere and decide not to proceed with us, we will refund you 50% of the registration fee provided you have informed us of this within 14 days of registration.


Which areas do private tutors with WISE Tutors cover?

Our private tutors works with families across London and parts of Kent, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire.

We provide private tuition in Clapham, private tuition in Barking ,private tuition in Dagenham,private tuition in Barnet, private tuition in Bexley, private tuition in Brent, private tuition in Bromley, private tuition in Camden, private tuition in Croydon, private tuition in Ealing, private tuition in Enfield, private tuition in Greenwich, private tuition in Hackney, private tuition in Hammersmith,  private tuition in Fulham, private tuition in Haringey, private tuition in Harrow, private tuition in Harrow, private tuition in Havering, private tuition in Hillingdon, private tuition in Hounslow, private tuition in Islington,private tuition in Kensington, private tuition in Chelsea, private tuition in Kingston, private tuition in Lambeth, private tuition in Lewisham, private tuition in Merton, private tuition in Newham, private tuition in Redbridge, private tuition in Richmond, private tuition in Southwark, private tuition in Sutton, private tuition in Tower Hamlets, private tuition in Waltham Forest, private tuition in Wandsworth and private tuition in Westminster.

Do private tutors with WISE Tutors come to my home or do I need to meet them in their home?

In most cases, the tutor will come to your home. In some cases, you may prefer to meet at the private tutor’s home. If the tutor agrees to this, we will usually try to negotiate a reduced weekly tuition fee.

Do parents need to be present at all tuition sessions?

Although all of our private home tutors are DBS cleared. It is still essential that a responsible adult is present at all private home tuition sessions. This is for safeguarding and child protection reasons. The responsible adult will need to sign the tutor’s weekly time sheet and ensure that he/she is available throughout the tuition session.

Will the tutor be able to meet me in a local library instead of my home?

Yes. Many of our private tutors will be fine with meeting in a local library. We recommend that you inform us of this at registration stage so that the private tutor can be aware of this.

Are private home tutors with WISE tutors available for weekend tuition?

Yes, many of our private tutors are able to tutor on Saturdays and Sundays.Tuition days and times depend on the tutor’s availability and this will usually be agreed before you begin tuition.

Are private tutors with WISE tutors able to continue with tuition during the holiday periods?

Yes. Most private tutors with WISE Tutors are willing to continue with tuition during the half term breaks as well as Easter, Christmas and Summer holidays. If a tutor is not available during the holiday period, he/she will usually state this in advance and provide additional homework for this period.

Are any private home tutors with WISE tutors able to offer day time tuition?

Most clients request after-school tuition on weekday evenings. However, some of our private tutors work as supply teachers or retired teachers and may therefore be available during the day. Many tutors will also arrange tuition to take place in the mornings or afternoons during holiday periods. Please ensure that you state this requirement when completing the registration form.


Which private tuition subjects do your tutors help with?

Our tutors cover a variety of subjects from primary level up to pre-university level. We are able to provide Maths tutors, English Language tutors, English Literature tutors, Primary science tutors, Secondary Physics tutors, Chemistry tutors, Biology tutors, R.E tutors, Geography tutors, History tutors, Humanities tutors, Classics tutors, Philosophy tutors, Sociology tutors, Psychology tutors and Law tutors.

Our specialist music tutors are able to offer Music theory tuition, Piano tuition, Flute tuition, Guitar tuition, Clarinet tuition, Violin tuition, Drum tuition, Saxophone tuition and other musical instruments in preparation for the ABRSM examinations.

We also work with expert language tutors some of whom are native speakers of Modern Foreign Languages. We have a number of French tutors, Spanish tutors, Italian tutors, Latin tutors and Greek tutors.

Which levels and examinations are private tutors with WISE Tutors able to help with?

We have private tutors for all stages from EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) through to KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 (GCSE) and KS5 (A-levels).

Some private tutors are able to cover a wide range of year groups and levels. However, most private tutors specialise in one or two key stages eg. GCSE & A-level tuition or Primary tuition at KS1 & KS2. Other tutors specialise in exam preparation eg 7+, 11+ exams and some tutors have built their expertise in helping higher-level students and may prefer not to work with foundation level students.

Most private  tutors will have a preference for certain key stage groups as they have build expertise in this subject or level and will have a range of resources that they use with this particular key stage group.

All private tutors with WISE Tutors state their expertise on their profile and this is a good way to judge if the tutor will be a good fit for your child’s needs.

Are tutors with WISE Tutors able to provide guidance on selective schools and entrance exams?

Some private tutors specialise with exam preparation and gaining entrance into selective schools. During your registration, please provide details of the exams and schools that you are preparing your child for as this will assist us with matching you with the most suitable tutor.

In addition to this, our blog and social media sites provide useful information on selective schools in and around London as well as resources that you may need to assist with gaining entrance into certain selective schools or top universities.

Are any of your private tutors able to provide guidance on gaining entrance into Oxbridge?

Yes. Some of our tutors specialise in helping students prepare for entrance into Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. Parents will need to inform us of this requirement at the time of registration as this will help us select the most suitable tutor to assist your child.

In addition to this, our blog, website and social media sites provide links to resources as well as useful information on how to gain entrance into certain selective schools or top universities.

Are any of your private tutors able to support children with learning difficulties or special needs?

Yes. A few of our private tutors specialise in supporting students with SEN. We would ask that you provide us with any details of special needs during your registration as it will help us match you with a suitable tutor.


Do you have a question we haven’t answered yet? Feel free to contact us using the online form or chat system and we would be happy to help.