Private tutors with WISE Tutors are able to offer Private Music tuition for casual learners as well as learners preparing for music theory or instrument examinations.

Many of our private Music tutors are experienced in helping students prepare for GCSE examinations, ABRSM (The examining body for the Royal School of Music) up to Grade 8. For students that are seeking less formal music tuition, a large number of our Music Private tutors can provide ongoing music tuition for students that would simply like to build their confidence in playing an instrument, rather than preparing for examinations.

We have Piano private tutors, Violin private tutors, Viola private tutors, Cello private tutors, Double Bass private tutors and Woodwind private tutors ie Saxophone private tutors, Flute private tutors, Descant and Treble Recorder private tutors, Oboe private tutors, Clarinet private tutors and Bassoon private tutors.

We also have private tutors that specialise in Brass instruments that can offer Trumpet private tuition, Horn private tuition, Cornet private tuition, Flugelhorn private tuition, Trombone private tuition, Baritone private tuition and Tuba private tuition.

In addition to this, we have specialist Private tutors that offer private tuition in Singing,  private tuition in Electric Guitar, private tuition in Bass Guitar, private tuition in Acoustic Guitar, private tuition in Harp, private tuition in Organ and private tuition in Drums.

We have a large number of expert music tutors that have studied Music theory at degree level and a large majority of our private Music tutors have many years of experience as a Music tutor or Music teacher within state or independent schools. Many of our Private Music tutors work within the creative or performing arts industry and are able to support younger or newer musicians as well as more able or talented young musicians.

Many of our private tutors are experienced with working with children preparing for Music scholarships or preparing to gain entrance to specialist Music schools and some of our expert private tutors will be able to provide guidance on how to prepare for these specialist Music examinations.