A compassionate, caring individual with a lovely, calm nature with children

Jun 13, 2015 by Alice S.
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: Key Stage 2 

N. is a compassionate, caring individual with a lovely, calm nature. She has impeccable manners and an inspirational creative streak with children. She is attentive and enthusiastic about education, whether she is working or not. She is more than committed, she is passionate.

Patient, sensible and kind

Jun 10, 2015 by Phaye P
Location: North East London • 
Subject & Level: English 

K. is very passion about teaching and coaching. Always trying to help and look out for solutions for every issues. Also she is very patient ,sensible kind.

Good rapport with the children

Jun 10, 2015 by Emma F
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

Sarah has a good rapport with the children. She works with them children indivually, giving them additional support and they have already shown some progress with her help. She is firm but fair and encourages the children

Attentive to the children

Jun 04, 2015 by Harriet I
Location: London zone 1 • 
Subject & Level: Chemistry 

With the children he behaves with an apparent natural sensitivity and attentiveness.

Strong knowledge

Jun 03, 2015 by Ping Y
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

He has a strong basic knowledge of science of up to a Master's degree level.

Able to develop children's skills

Jun 01, 2015 by David N.
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: Year 5 

N. is a really calm and patient young lady with children. She also tries to be firm in confronting off task behaviour that is how she has built up good relationships with my children. She is able to develop their skills in numeracy and literacy.

She got my son thinking

Jun 01, 2015 by M. E
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: KS3 

M really pays attention to what children have to say. As a mother I know some of it will be silly. Some of it will be repetitive or less than sensible. But she goes with it, jokes and is silly, explains, answers their questions as best she can, or asks them some questions of her own to get them thinking.

Devoted tutor

Jun 01, 2015 by Samantha H
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

I can say that my experience with V. as my tutor was really good. When it came to tutoring he took too much personal responsibility for my grades.

Calm and patient tutor

Jun 01, 2015 by Ray C
Location: Bromley • 
Subject & Level: Psychology 

S. is able to explain difficult concepts in straightforward ways, is calm and patient with the children.

Provided support with daughter's D&T exam revision

May 29, 2015 by Mr T.Glover
Location: Victoria • 
Subject & Level: Design & Technology (GCSE) 

Miss Z.O supported worked with my daughter assisting her with preparing for the GCSE D&T examination. Considering that we needed a tutor at short notice and we were only able to do a few hours of tuition, she very helpful with preparing for the exam.

High quality German Teacher

May 28, 2015 by Darko S
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: German tuition 

She is honest, and hard working. Also very patient, I was doing same mistakes for months - and she was patiently correcting me. Always on time, and quality of German teaching was amazing. Not just knowledge of German, but quality of teaching as well. Easy going and making nice atmosphere - it makes a learning looks so nice and in the same time effective.

Definitely recommend her as a tutor

May 28, 2015 by Marzieh E
Location: London zone 1 • 
Subject & Level: English 

I would happily appoint M. as my son's tutor again If I could as I consider her to be a valuable mentor and tutor, who consistently worked hard towards achieving good results and delivers all expectations.

Great ability to relate to children

May 23, 2015 by Fergus O
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: English 

W. relates to the children very well. He has motivated and inspired them brilliantly.

She is patient and friendly

May 20, 2015 by Zara A
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

P. is really patient and friendly which always helps when working with children. She has been really supportive.

Excellent and efficient motivator

May 19, 2015 by Arnold C
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

He has a very good relationship with children. He has a focused and has positive attitude which really helps motivate the children to achieve their best.

Profesional and friendly tutor

May 18, 2015 by Hasib H
Location: North east london • 
Subject & Level: Science 

He has an excellent relationship with the children. He is down to earth but is still very professional.

A conscientious tutor

May 18, 2015 by Sally L
Location: North west london • 
Subject & Level: Science 

J. is extremely conscientious and has built a good relationship with the students.

Creative tutor

May 15, 2015 by Jesmond P
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

She is a really creative person. She has been really organised and has built excellent relationships with us all.

I would definitely recommend her to any parent

May 13, 2015 by Jennie B
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: English 

S. is very conscientious on the children\'s assessment,and therefore structures her lessons well for the children. She also makes her lessons interesting. Plus she relates very well with the children.

My son thoroughly enjoys tuition with Sujoy

May 12, 2015 by Phillippina P
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Management 

He is very vocal with children and this is seen during interaction with them. They cannot seem to get enough of his prescence. He is confident and engaging and my son thoroughly enjoys tuition with Sujoy, he is very endearing.

Very good relationship with those she is working with

May 11, 2015 by Serena P
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: English 

S. has a lot of experience with children. She relates well with them and has been very encouraging. She definitely shows a desire to help the children.

Lively tuition

May 11, 2015 by Ogechi Z
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

R. makes learning lively and memorable particularly in maths where she has helped many children overcome barriers with the subject. She also maintains a good balance of praise and constructive criticism that empowers the children to be effective learners.

Perfect tutor for my son

May 09, 2015 by Mary
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

V. was the perfect tutor for my son. He was highly capable of teaching all three science topics and gave my son a great deal of help in attaining A grades in all three subjects at AS level. My son has been predicted 3 A*s in his A2 levels. This is as a result of V.\'s tutoring.

Liaises well with students

May 09, 2015 by Candida D
Location: Essex • 
Subject & Level: History 

S. has a professional approach to working with the children. She is a proactive and liaises well with students.

Besides she manages to maintain professionalism whilst developing positive relationships with young people.

Good relationship with young people

May 09, 2015 by Stephen E
Location: Watford • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

T. has built very good relationship with the children. He is very hard working and professional

Noticeable improvement in spanish

May 08, 2015 by Helen R.
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: Spanish 

M. is calm, quietly confident. My son has warmed to his manner and enjoys lessons with M. . It has improved his spanish and confidence in the language.

Very good with children

May 08, 2015 by Faryal A
Location: East London • 
Subject & Level: Chemistry 

She is very good with children, has good communication skills and has the ability to engage with children of all ages. I truly recommend her as a tutor.

Wonderful way with children

May 07, 2015 by Bill D
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

V. has a wonderful way with the students. He is very softly spoken and calming. Children really like him and he is excellent at motivating students who unenthusiastic about learning and stretching those who are more engaged.

Ability to encourage children to achieve their potential

May 07, 2015 by Lyna P
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Mathematics 

K. is a caring, supportive and enthusiastic tutor. He has proven he has the ability to encourage the children to achieve their potential by stimulating their enthusiasm for learning and also their determination to succeed.

Passionate about languages

May 06, 2015 by Alana B
Location: North London • 
Subject & Level: French 

S. has shown she knows her subjects very well. I can tell she is passionate about languages. She wants her students to achieve A*, and they can with her help. Also she is patient with slower children but able to push the talented ones.


May 04, 2015 by Zoe M
Location: West London • 
Subject & Level: 11+ 

M gets on well with the children as she has a positive and enthusiastic personality. She is very creative and gets the children to participate in her lessons and engage them as much as possible.

I totally recommend her

May 04, 2015 by Javier
Location: West london • 
Subject & Level: English 

She is focused, always tries to do her best and loves what she is doing. She is with children for many years.

Warm and friendly tutor

May 04, 2015 by Mihaela B
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Music 

He is the tutor that any parent would love to have him around. He is the mellow type, in the good sense, who always brings enthusiam and smiles.

I highly commend her tutoring skills

May 01, 2015 by Theresa L
Location: South west london • 
Subject & Level: Spanish 

V. is be forthright, honest, patient and organised. She has excellent people skills
and always goes the extra mile to ensure the other person understands her. As a qualified
teacher myself I highly commend her tutoring skills.

Dedicated, hard working and patient

May 01, 2015 by Takar N
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Guitar 

He's a good person and can work hard and with patience.

He has made a really good impression

May 01, 2015 by Ian N
Location: Central London • 
Subject & Level: English 

He is very calm and clearly wants the best for the children. Very pleased.

My teacher

Apr 29, 2015 by Kounio

Mrs N. was teaching English to children privately. She showed high professionalism and individual approach.
She was very patient and tactful with the children.


Apr 26, 2015 by Katherine P.

J.\'s real strength was his ability to develop excellent relationships with students. He has unbridled enthusiasm and was a real asset to the College.

Highly qualified in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Apr 24, 2015 by Mary M
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Science 

He relates very well. He is fully able to comprehend the areas where the pupil is likely to have difficulty understanding a topic or subject. He never gets impatient or cross or even slightly irritated at the pupils lack of understanding. He always managed to get my son to fully understand even the hardest aspects of the subjects.

Relates well with children

Apr 23, 2015 by Sina s
Location: London • 
Subject & Level: Biology 

He is a very collabrated and communicative individual . He handles difficult situations with facility.

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