Specialist private tutoring

At WISE tutors, we work with a range of specialist private tutors that are highly qualified within their subject field and have a range of strategies that they use to support students regardless of their stages and level. This effectively means that our highly qualified specialist tutors are aware of their area of expertise and will not take on students that do not fit within their specialist area.

At WISE tutors, we work with 11+ specialist private tutors,SATS specialist private tutors, 11+ specialist private tutors, Independent school exam specialist private tutors, Maths specialist private tutors, English specialist private tutors,  Gifted and Talented specialist private tutors, Science specialist private tutors, SEN specialist private tutors, EFL specialist private tutors, Music specialist private tutors and language specialist private tutors.

Some tutors have specialisms within a subject and are therefore able to help students with these subjects from all ages throughout the school system. Other private tutors specialise within a range of subjects for particular year groups or key stage groups and can therefore assist with more than one subject but only within certain year groups.

Whatever specialism or expertise you require from a private tutor, we aim to match with a professional private tutor that is experienced and trained with this particular area.

To contact us and find out how we can match you with an expert private tutor, contact us at contactus@wisetutors.co.uk or leave your details and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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