We work with a large number of Mathematics tutors in London. Maths tutors with WISE tutors have a range of specialisms. Our Mathematics tutors are able to tutor Mathematics from primary up to A-level stages. Most Mathematics tutors with WISE tutors will specialise in either Primary Mathematics tuition, Secondary Mathematics tuition (up to GCSE level) or A-level Mathematics tuition.

When searching for a Mathematics tutor it is always worth considering the level of private tuition required as this will help with selecting the best type of private tutor. At WISE tutors, we work with private tutors that are experienced in providing one to one private home tuition to students at various levels of their education. A large proportion of our Mathematics tutors studied Mathematics at degree level. Other private Maths tutors studied Maths up to A-level and studied a degree that involved a high knowledge of Mathematics eg Engineering.

Many students requiring private Maths tuition at primary level may be preparing for grammar school 11+ exams, independent school entrance exams or SATS examinations. Students requiring secondary or A-level Maths tuition may be preparing for GCSE exams or end of year examinations. However, some students may not be preparing for a particular exam but are more concerned about their child’s weaknesses in the subject and may need a private tutor that can assist with building their child’s confidence and understanding of the subject.

In the UK, Primary and secondary mathematics topics are usually divided into five strands (understanding numbers and calculations, shape and space or geometry, data handling or statistics, algebra, using and applying mathematics). Many schools make use of the common Mathematics strands, however this is not compulsory as there is a lot of room for creativity and extension in the teaching of Mathematics.

GCSE mathematics tuition is usually taught in line with exam board syllabus where topics are usually aligned with the topics taught in KS3.  A-level mathematics tuition is usually taught in a modular method where students study modules in Core or Pure Maths, Statistics, Mechanics, Decision Maths or Further Maths.

During the initial assessment session with WISE tutors, our private mathematics tutors will check which teaching methods are used within your child’s school and over the period of private tuition, the private tutor will ensure that they provide support to the student using the same or similar methods being used by the school.

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Private and secondary Maths tutors with WISE tutors aim to cover all topics and strands required for your child’s tuition level or key stage group.

Our primary Maths tutors have provided support to students preparing for KS1 and KS2 SATS exams taken at the end of Year 2 and End of Year 6. They have also helped numerous students preparing for 7+, 8+, 11+ and independent school entrance examinations at the end of primary school.

Most students will have areas of strength and weakness within Mathematics and the private tutor will aim to firstly understand the topics that the student is struggling with and help the student overcome any weaknesses in these areas.

Private Maths tutors with WISE tutors will usually start their private tutoring by providing an initial assessment of your child’s understanding of numbers and number systems including a basic understanding of whole number place value system. Our private tutors will also check your child’s knowledge of numeracy operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) and use a range of methods to reinforce your child’s knowledge of these operations.

The private maths tuition will also cover topics in shape, space and measures such as angles, area and perimeter of simple and compound shapes, coordinates and shape properties as well as converting metric units. For students struggling with data handling, the private maths tutor will assess the student in order to identify the areas of weakness and will ensure that the student gains a better understanding of topics such as plotting pictograms, reading and drawing graphs, pie charts and bar graphs.

Primary students are provided with private tuition in such a way that they can gain an indepth understanding of proportion in terms of decimals, fractions and percentages and fully understand how ratios work in real life.

For students in upper primary school or students that have shown a readiness to move on to more advanced topics, the private Maths tutors will often introduce the student to basic algebraic concepts as this will better help the student as they approach Key stage 3.[/accordion-item]

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Private tutors with WISE tutors have helped numerous students gain success throughout secondary school from entry level to GCSE stage.

At secondary level, from Year 7 to Year 11, students are usually expected to have a well rounded understanding of Mathematics. For students in KS3 (year 7 to year 9), the student will be expected to further develop the knowledge that they have gained at primary level. For students in KS4 (Year 10 to year 11) the student will be expected to use the knowledge gained at KS3 to prepare for the GCSE higher or foundation examination.

Similar to primary students, secondary school students are taught to further understand numbers and calculations. Calculation knowledge will usually be extended beyond the basic mathematical operations to include fraction and decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as ration, direct proportion and inverse proportion problems.

At secondary level, number knowledge will be extended to include the use of numbers in standard form, indices and surds. Shape, space and measures may be extended to include topics such as angle rules, bearings, coordinates, shape transformations, circle geometry, pythagoras theorem, trigonometry and polygon properties. In addition to this students will extend their knowledge of algebra and learn concepts such as simplifying and expanding algebraic expressions, solving simultaneous equations and working with algebraic fractions.

GCSE Maths tutors will usually be preparing for the Higher or Foundation GCSE examination. Due to the difference in expectations and topics between the Higher and Foundation GCSE maths exam, it is important that parents and other clients inform WISE tutors of the exam level that the student is preparing for.

Private Maths tutors with WISE tutors will use the first tuition session to understand the students weaknesses and strengths. Following this, the tutor will continually help the student develop their knowledge of topics needed for the GCSE Mathematics exam and provide resources to aid the student in preparation for their exam.[/accordion-item]

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A-level mathematics tutors with WISE Tutors are qualified in Mathematics to a minimum of degree level and have helped numerous students gain excellent grades in the UK A-level examinations.

Students preparing for A-level exams in the UK, study modules in Pure Maths, Core Maths, Statistics, Mechanics, Further Maths or a combination of these modules. Expert Maths tutors with WISE tutors will usually have a specialism in one or more of these modules and they will usually be able to provide private tutoring to students sitting the mathematics A-level exam with the OCR, AQA or Edexcel examination boards.

It is therefore important that clients provide details of the modules that the students needs assistance with and the examination board/s as this will help WISE tutors with finding a suitably qualified private tutor that is experienced with the module and familiar with the examination board requirements.

We recommend that parents start private tutoring at least one year before the required examination. Private tutors with WISE tutors support the student by providing a schedule of work that needs to be covered up to the date of the examination. Our private tutors provide students with access to past papers and mark schemes to ensure that the student is fully prepared for the exam. Our private tutors also provide useful resources that the student can use to independently revise for the examination.

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