A-level Private Tutors

A-level private tutors with WISE tutors are able to provide support with a range of subjects. Our specialist A-level private tutors include A-level English private tutors, A-level Mathematics private tutors, A-level Further Maths tutors, A-level History tutors, A-level Geography tutors, A-level Science private tutors including A-level Physics private tutors, A-level Chemistry private tutors and A-level Biology private tutors.

We also work with specialist A-level Humanities private tutors, A-level Sociology private tutors, A-level Psychology private tutors, A-level Theology private tutors, A-level Law tutors, A-level R.E private tutors, A-level Classics private tutors, A-level Latin private tutors, A-level Ancient Greek private tutors, A-level French private tutors, A-level Music private tutors, A-level German private tutors, A-level Italian private tutors and A-level Spanish private tutors.

The most popular examination boards for A-level Examinations are AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Most examination boards will have their own specification, exam time tables, past papers and endorsed textbooks and resources on their website.

All private tutors with WISE tutors are required to have an extensive knowledge of the exam specification and curriculum as well as in-depth knowledge of the subject and expectations at A-level level. Most A-level private tutors will have studied their particular specialist subject at degree level and in some cases, postgraduate or doctorate level. This means that our private tutors are able to provide the student with continued support should he or she require private tuition in the same subject at A-level stage.

The A-level examinations usually require a period of two years of study. However, some students may choose to do an intensive course in order to complete the examinations in one year. Subject choice is extremely important as the wrong subject choice may limit the student’s university options or degree options. Most students will select at least 3 A-level subjects and the most selective universities will expect students to achieve AAA-ABB at A-level.

We recommend parents to seek private tutors to start tuition within the first year of A-level. The grades achieved at A-level can significantly impact future destinations for students and many teachers will submit predicted grades to UCAS based on the students attainment at the end of their first year of A-level. Even after graduation, many employers continue to use A-level grades along with degree classification, to determine the most suitable graduates to hire. It is therefore essential that students are provided with as much support as possible in order for them to achieve their best and be prepared for A-level examinations.

We have expert tutors that specialise in preparing students for the most competitive courses and universities. Students planning to study dentistry, medicine, veterinary science or students aiming gain entrance to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities may be expected to achieve significantly higher grades than than other A-level students, they may also be expected to submit their UCAS application and personal statement early as there is a lot of competition for places on these courses and at these universities.