SATS Private tutors

The Key stage 1 teacher assessment and Key stage 2 SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) are mandatory state school examinations taken at the end of Year 2 and the end of Year 6 respectively.

At WISE tutors, we have a large number of expert SATS private tutors that specialise in preparing pupils for KS1 teacher assessment and the KS2 SATS examinations. Many of our specialist private tutors experienced with primary SATS tuition are able to help students prepare for Maths, English and Science examinations in both the Key Stage 1 teacher assessment and Key stage 2 national assessment.

The SATS exams are used for state school league tables, they show each student’s progress compared to the national average and compared to other children in the academic year group. They may also be used to make predictions and set targets for each child’s minimum expected progress in the following two to three year.

Many secondary schools use KS2 SATS results for class setting, they are also used as an indicator of expected progress in KS3. It is for this reason that many parents appreciate that the results of the KS2 SATS examinations taken at the end of Year 6 can make a huge difference in the child’s attainment in secondary school as the KS2 SATS set the foundation for the KS3 curriculum.

In addition to the SATS exams taken at the end of Year 6, some secondary schools request that students sit a test that is similar to the SATS exam at the start of year 7 to help teachers compare each student’s progression between Year 7 and Year 9 and also to gain an idea of expected attainment for the the end of KS4 (end of Year 11). Secondary schools may also require students to sit the CATS (Cognitive Ability Tests) to gain a better understanding of the child’s reasoning ability. Students that have been simply trained to pass the SATS exam, rarely perform well in additional tests taken at the start of Year 7. Private tutors with WISE Tutors understand the importance of their students having an in-depth understanding of what they have learned.

Parents that have chosen to work with a specialist private tutor have been able to experience the difference that expert private tuition can make in their child’s attainment in school, particularly with the transition from primary to secondary school.

By working with an experienced private tutor from WISE tutors, many parents have been able to watch their child grow in confidence and attain excellent progress in subjects that he or she would otherwise have struggled with.

Private tutors with WISE tutors provide continual assessment to ensure that the pupil achieves continued progress throughout the weeks and months of tuition. Our specialist SATS private tutors cover the same topics that the student would cover in his or her mainstream school and use the same teaching methods so as to ensure that the student does not feel confused or overwhelmed with new methods or strategies.

The Key stage 1 examinations cover reading, writing, speaking and listening, maths and science. By working with a specialist SATS private tutor from WISE Tutors, parents may choose to cover all subjects or focus on the subject that requires the most attention.

The tasks and tests are taken when the school chooses but usually this will be in the final term of the the academic year between May and July. Each teacher will use the child’s work (including spoken work and homework) to work out what level your child is at in each area. Parents and carers can ask for the results but they are usually only used to help the teacher assess the pupil’s work.

The Key stage 2 SATS exams cover English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths (including mental arithmetic). Parents may require a private tutor to cover all subjects or may choose to work with a specialist English private tutor or specialist Maths private tutor.

Pupils that demonstrate higher levels of achievement may be put forward, by the headteacher, for extra tests. When pupils reach the end of key stage 2 the teacher will also report on your child’s progress in English, maths and science. The tests are taken in mid-May and last under 5 hours 30 minutes in total. Parents and carers get the results in July.

Some secondary schools students sit the Key stage 3 SATS exams at the end of Year 9. However these exams were abolished a few years ago and most schools that administer the KS3 SATS exam will only use them for internal teacher assessment as they are no longer a requirement for state schools. Parents may still choose to work with a professional private tutor from WISE tutors to prepare  for these exams as the results are often used by teachers to predict GCSE grades in Key stage 4 and to place students into sets or streams.

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