Whether preparing for the 11+ exams, GCSE examinations, A-level examinations or other pre-university entrance examinations, expert private tutors with WISE tutors are experienced in building pupil confidence, providing personalised learning and helping students achieve exam success.

By working with a highly qualified private tutor from WISE tutors, numerous students have been able to gain entrance into their preferred school or university and gain excellent marks in subjects that they have previously struggled with.

Specialist private tutors with WISE tutors have:

  • An extensive knowledge of exam syllabus,
  • Familiarity of the different exam boards eg ISEB, Edexcel, AQA, OCR, WJEC
  • A strong understanding of the mark scheme and the typical exam questions,
  • A bank of useful books, resources, past question papers and websites that the student can use to prepare for the exam.
  • An awareness of the common mistakes made by students in the exam,
  • An understanding of effective study techniques and revision techniques that the student can use before the exam,
  • A range of strategies that the student can use on the day of the exam to help prevent making the common exam mistakes.

In many cases, students benefiting from private tuition with WISE tutors have been able to exceed their predicted examination grades and have reported strengths and understanding in subjects or topics that they initially did not enjoy.

It is common for students preparing for a major examination to feel nervous or anxious about the upcoming exam, particularly if the student has a number of exams to prepare for. For students that have a full understanding of each subject and the topics within each subject, it is worth preparing for the exam by using a simple systematic approach of study and revision. The private tutors main goal may be to fill in any gaps in the student’s understanding and provide guidance on how to prepare for the examination.

However, for students that still struggle with understanding the subject, early support through private tutoring may be required. This is especially important if the student feels overwhelmed with the demands of preparing for each exam.

The goal of the private tutor with WISE tutors is usually to help the student gain a better understanding of the topics required for the exam and to provide the student with study and revision techniques to prepare for the examination as well as exam techniques to use on the day of the exam.

Our expert private tutors are able to help students achieve their best in a the examination. Our private tutors are experienced in preparing students for examinations and have received positive reviews from parents and other clients, confirming their expertise in this area. This is just one of the reasons why parents choose WISE tutors.

To find out how our expert private tutors can assist you with preparing for examinations, contact a member of Wise Tutor team at : contactus@wisetutors.co.uk.