English private tuition for students from primary up to pre-university stage is becoming more and more popular.

With a weakness in English possibly affecting all other subjects, parents are keen to help their children get an early grasp of English reading and writing to ensure that this does not negatively affect their understanding in other important subjects.

Parents are aware that a weakness in English writing technique can ultimately affect a child’s attainment in examinations. Private English tutors are often engaged to help the student fully understand the concepts and communicate the answers in the writing style and language that will help them attain better marks in examinations.

Parents may also seek an English tutor due to their child having special educational needs that affect their learning in this subject. In cases like this, we have a number of specialist SEN private tutors that can assist students with needs such as dyslexia or dysgraphia.

However, private tuition in English is mostly used to build the student’s confidence in the subject. Teachers, parents or guardian’s may have noticed weaknesses in reading or writing and may realise that this could be overcome with personalised one-to-one English support. For other students, the English private tutor is needed as the student approaches a major examination eg 11+, ISEB,  SATS, GCSE or A-levels.

From primary through to secondary level, students in the UK are expected to study English language and develop their fluency in writing, reading and comprehension skills as well as their speaking and listening skills. Our English tutors aim to help students with all aspects of the English language development by providing a holistic programme of learning suited to the child’s learning style.

The majority of English tutors with WISE tutors are able to provide English tuition at primary or secondary level. Secondary English tutors with WISE tutors have usually studied English at A-level, degree level or further, they are experienced in helping pupils prepare for English examinations and they have various strategies and techniques to help the student fully understand all aspects of the subject.

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[accordion-item title=”KS1 English tuition”]

Students in KS1 and KS2 are expected to show continued progress in their learning and understanding of the English language. The first assessment stage for English testing is In Year 1 where pupils take the phonics screening test which is used to assess the child’s ability to decode phonics to an appropriate standard by the age of six.

The phonics check helps teachers identify the children who need extra help so they can receive the support they need to improve their reading skills. These children will then be able to retake the check in year 2. For most students, a private tutor is not required as the student is able to fully decode phonics at or above the expected level for their age.

However, some parents may recognise the need for additional support especially if their child is struggling with recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes; identify the sounds that different combinations of letters and  blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word linking sounds with the phonic alphabet letters.

In addition to the phonics screening test, pupils in state schools usually sit the KS1 SATS examination at the end of year 2. Students are tested on their reading, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. The KS1 SATS exams usually include topics from the national curriculum therefore it is important that private tutors are are aware of the changes in the national curriculum a this can affect the expectations for the SATS exams.

The results from these tests are usually used as an indicator of progress expected by the end of Year 6. Parents may therefore be keen to work with a specialist English tutor to help their child achieve the best possible result for the KS1 SATS exam as they may be conscious that results gained at the end of KS1 could potentially affect their child’s attainment and target grades for the end of KS2.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”KS2 English tuition”]

As students approach year 6, the expectations in English become more demanding and parents seeking a KS2 English tutor will often seek a specialist that can help their child prepare for 11+ exams, KS2 SATS exams, ISEB and other independent school entrance exams.

Private English tutors supporting students in KS2 understand the importance of helping pupils with their English skills as they understand the impact that this will have on their language skills in other subjects as well as their language skills as they prepare for secondary school.

Pupils in KS2 are expected to be able to read a range of fictional and nonfictional text fluently and with understanding, they are expected to be able to make inferences and comment on the writer’s purpose and viewpoints as well as use of language in a text including  grammatical and presentational features of a range of text.

In addition to this, students in KS2 are expected to develop their writing style by varying sentences, using a range of punctuation in phrases, clauses and sentences and they are expected to construct paragraphs, use correct grammar and make effective use of vocabulary to assist with presenting their ideas.

Specialist English tutors with WISE tutors are able to help students gain a better understanding of the reading and writing techniques required at KS2. Many of our private English tutors use a range of resources and tutoring methods to make the tuition sessions engaging such that the student can enjoy the sessions while learning about various topics and developing their vocabulary and English language skills.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Secondary English tuition”]

At secondary level, students are expected to further develop their knowledge of the English language including their technical accuracy and interpretation of ideas within various texts.

Students in KS3 attending state schools will usually follow the expectations from the National curriculum and students in KS4 will usually spend the final two years of secondary school, preparing for the GCSE English examination.

Parents may require a private tutor to assist the student with making appropriate use of parts of speech as well as simple, complex and compound sentences. Private tutors supporting students in secondary english will usually aim to build the student’s use of punctuation and syntax. Private tutors specialising in English also aim to help students meet the expectations of the curriculum by developing their control in the use of sentences, phrases and clauses and ultimately produce imaginative, interesting, coherent and thoughtful text that is suited to its purpose and audience.

Private English tutors also help students in KS3 by providing guidance on how to deduce, infer and interpret information from a range of text. Students in KS3 are expected to comment on the writer’s use of language and critique the writer’s use of grammatical and literary features. Where parents may not feel confident with the subject knowledge in English language, specialist English tutors can assist students with meeting these goals.

Students in KS4 usually have a more structured approach to their private tuition as the private tutor will guide them in learning topics that are included in their exam board syllabus. Year 11 students sit either the Higher or Foundation GCSE English examination, it is therefore important for parents to inform WISE tutors of the exam that their child will be taking so that we can select a specialist English tutor that understands the expectations for the National curriculum and is familiar with exam questions for the GCSE examination board.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”A-level English language tuition”]

For students choosing to extend their knowledge of the English language to A-level stage, a specialist private tutor may be required to meet the demands of the A-level English examinations.

A large number of Private English tutors with WISE tutors are specialists with A-level English tuition and can therefore support students learning English at A-level by helping them explore language and representation through analytical and creative work. As students prepare for A-level examinations, the private tutor can assist them with exploring creative and transactional forms of writing and develop their understanding of how language creates meanings in written, spoken and electronic modes.

Other examination boards may expect A-level English students to understand the language development of children and be aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity in language.

Private English tutors also help their students gain an understanding of how the English language has changed over the years and how it is changing today, our private tutors also hep students understand how English varies globally, regionally and socially. These are all essential components of popular English language examinations at A-level and components will vary depending on the examination board.

For many examination boards, students are expected to carry out language research on topics of their own choice and contribute to a language debate in a particular form. It is therefore important that the professional private tutor is aware of the examination body, the exam syllabus and the components of the student’s A-level English examination.

Our private tutors are familiar with the various components of the A-level English examinations. Components may include Language Discourses, which requires learners to evaluate how language and language issues are debated and represented in society or Language Investigation which requires primary and secondary research skills and the ability to work independently.

Private English tutors aim to build the student’s subject knowledge and provide the tools and resources that A-level English students need to study independently and ultimately excel in their A-level English examination.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”English literature tuition”]

Most students that choose to study English literature at GCSE or A-level stage, will probably already have a strong interest in the subject. However, having a keen interest does not always mean that the student feels confident with the subject knowledge or prepared for the exam.

At GCSE and A-level stage, English literature students are expected to read a range of texts independently, both texts set by the school and texts that they have selected for themselves. English literature tutors aim to help GCSE and A-level students engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts and develop ways of responding to various texts.

Our private English literature tutors aim to help students develop and effectively apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation as well as explore the contexts of the texts they are reading and others’ interpretations of them. Private tutors with WISE tutors are also able to provide guidance on texts that can support the student with developing their knowledge and understanding in the three main components of English literature; drama, poetry and prose

For many students struggling with English literature, the key issue is understanding the techniques require to excel in the GCSE or A-level examination. Private tutors with WISE tutors, help English literature students by assisting with their answering techniques and providing guidance on the answers that will award the highest marks. Our private tutors specialising in English literature are familiar with the exam syllabus for OCR, AQA and Edexcel examinations as well as the typical exam questions.

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