Private tuition subjects

By working with professional private tutors based in the UK, WISE tutors offers expert private tuition from highly qualified private tutors in a wide range of subjects.

We are able to provide our clients with primary Maths tutorssecondary Maths tutors, GCSE Maths tutorsA-level Maths tutors, private English tutors, primary English tutorssecondary English tutors, GCSE English tutors, A-level English tutors, English literature tutors, private Science tutors, primary Science tutors, Secondary Physics tutorsGCSE Physics tutors, A-level Physics tutors, Secondary Chemistry tutors, GCSE Chemistry tutors, A-level Chemistry tutors, Secondary Biology tutors, GCSE Biology tutors, A-level Biology tutors.

In addition to these popular subjects, we work with specialist Music tutors, private language tutors, private French tutors, private Spanish tutors, private Italian tutors, private German tutors, EFL Private tutors, GCSE Geography tutors, A-level Geography tutors, GCSE History tutors, A-level History tutors, Philosophy tutors, Sociology tutors, Psychology tutors and private tutors in many more subjects.

Private tutors with WISE tutors:

  • have an advanced understanding and knowledge of the subject,
  • take the time to continually assess the student in order to identify weaknesses and areas that require improvement,
  • set targets for the student to achieve and discuss these targets with the student and with parents,
  • plan each tuition session at a pace that is appropriate to the student’s learning needs,
  • provide personalised tutoring sessions suited to the student’s learning style,
  • simplify and explain topics in a way that is easy for the student to understand,
  • have a range of teaching methods to complement the teaching methods being used in school,
  • build the student’s confidence by helping them overcome any barriers to learning
  • provide simple strategies to help the student apply their knowledge independently for use in their mainstream school and in external examinations.

Parents and other clients look for subject specialist private tutors for a variety of reasons. For many parents, the goal is to help their child achieve the best exam grade possible as they are aware of the numerous benefits of having personalised one-to-one support and know that this support can assist their child with attaining excellent grades in school and achieving his or her full potential.  For other parents, the goal is to support a child that has begun to lose interest in a subject and is at risk of failing or underachieving.

Regardless of the reasons for needing a private tutor and the private tuition goals, our private tutors are dedicated to each student’s progress, they take the time to understand each student’s needs and each client’s requirements and by doing this, they have been able to help numerous students meet and exceed  their private tuition goals.

By providing professional private tuition, our private tutors have helped students attain grades that meet or exceed their initial predicted grade in school and ultimately help students better understand the subject, gain a new perspective on topics that they may have previously struggled with and in many cases ignite an interest in the tuition subject.

For students at risk of failing, the private tutor’s ultimate goal is to help build the student develop a full understanding of the subject.

Students that are struggling with a subject will lose interest in the subject and fall behind in the classroom. They may lack the foundational skills or knowledge needed when learning new topics in the subject and this can lead to the student feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and generally helpless when dealing with this subject.  Often the student will not be able to state the topics that they struggle with as he or she generally feels that they just don’t ‘get it’.

Private tutors with WISE tutors aim to help students fully understand the subject and topics at or above the appropriate level required. They also aim to provide the student with independent learning strategies so that they can continue learning in the classroom and study independently when one-to-one support is not available.

Each private tutor’s goal is to build each student’s confidence by understand each student’s weakness in the subject and ultimately help the student overcome weaknesses and develop new strengths in order to excel and enjoy the subject.

To find out more about private tuition with WISE tutors and arrange an assessment session, please contact us using the online contact form.

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