Language tuition

As an agency that offers international private tuition to families in various parts of the world, we are proud to offer high quality private language tuition to families and clients in the UK and abroad.

At WISE tutors, we work with private tutors that specialise in private language tuition in a range of languages. We have German private tutors, Spanish private tutors, French private tutors, Italian private tutors, Arabic private tutors, Ancient Greek and Latin private tutors, Mandarin private tutors, Russian private tutors and private tutors in many more languages. Our private language tutors are able to support students with gaining better grades in language exams and ultimately develop their language fluency.

For students that are naturally gifted in languages, a private language tutor may be required to help the student build fluency in the language. Students that struggle with language classes and lack confidence in the classroom, may also find private language tuition beneficial as the private tutor can help them develop their understanding of the language in class.

All private language tutors with WISE tutors are either native speakers of the language or have undergone formal education and training to provide language tuition in their specialist language. The majority of our language private tutors are avid travellers and have lived abroad or travel abroad regularly in order to develop and maintain their language skills.

A large number of our language private tutors have worked as professional language teachers in schools and colleges in the UK and many of our private language tutors work as examiners with examination boards such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR, they are therefore familiar with the exam specification and expectations of language skills at GCSE and A-level stage.

In the UK, all students are required to study at least one language. The most popular languages offered in schools across the UK are French tuition, German tuition and Spanish tuition. Many schools also offer Italian tuition, Urdu tuition, Bengali language tuition and many private schools offer Latin tuition, Ancient Greek tuition, Russian tuition or Mandarin tuition.

Physiological studies have found that speaking more than one language is a great asset to the brain’s cognitive processes. The brains of bilingual people operate differently from single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits including improvements in memory, perception, decision-making processes and improvements in problem-solving skills.

In addition to the cognitive benefits of learning a language, language learners benefit from greater employment prospects, become more disciplined as learners and build confidence in their own abilities as life-long learners. It is no wonder that students all around the world are encouraged to learn at least one additional language.

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