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WISE Tutors private tuition londonOur expert private tutors are able to  build pupil confidence.

Many students struggle in certain subjects or topics because they feel overwhelmed with classroom learning, usually the pace is too fast or the topic is not taught in the way that best suits their learning style, this can cause students to shut down with certain subjects, particularly if they have lost confidence in their own ability. This can affect the student’s attitude to learning, their motivation for learning and can have an overall effect on their attainment in school.

One of the greatest advantages of one-to-one tuition is the profound changes that it can make to pupil confidence.

At WISE tutors, our professional private tutors aim to build confident learners and all of our expert private tutors continually keep this as a focus throughout the private tutoring process.

It is typical for private tutors that are not suitably qualified, to coach students and simply assist them with passing exams. This can be quite destructive to pupil confidence especially as they approach topics where they do not have a tutor to guide and support them through every step. Students that have been over-coached will often lack belief in their own abilities and this could cause issues later in their academic lives.

The problem with focusing purely on subject knowledge and ignoring pupil confidence is that the student will simply learn how to answer questions in the way they have been taught, the student will find it difficult to challenge him or herself to think beyond what they have been taught and the student will often enter examinations relying heavily on the hope that they can remember all the facts that the private tutor has shared with them.

Professional tutors with WISE tutors understand that teaching topics to pass exams is just part of the goal. Our private tutors understand that our main goal is to solve any underlying problems affecting pupil learning and give students the tools, knowledge and skills needed to approach all topics with confidence.

This is because WISE tutors understand that confident independent learners are able to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with new topics and they are also able to face challenging topics with a growth mindset.

Our tutors aim to help students become more effective learners. Private tutors with WISE tutors are able to build each students’ confidence through setting realistic and achievable short, medium & long term goals for each student. Students are given weekly homework and are continually assessed on their progress during the tuition session.

One of the widely recognised impacts of private tuition is that it helps students reflect on what they have learned, it helps them to understand their strengths and overcome any weaknesses they have as a learner and it ultimately helps students gain confidence in their own ability.

This confidence is often transferable throughout the child’s academic career as the student begins to realise that they have the innate ability to tackle difficult topics through a certain thought and action process.

This means that even if the student is only receiving private tuition in Maths and English, it could invariably improve their progress in Science, Humanities,Music and other subjects that may initially seem unrelated.

As students build their confidence, they begin to show a  greater interest in learning,  become more engaged in class, ask more questions, take part in classroom discussion and begin to enjoy being stretched and challenged in their work.

While the student may not necessarily be able to explain why their confidence has risen, teacher and parents will usually see the changes in the student’s attitude towards learning and the student will consequently see an improvement in academic achievement, sometimes even across the board.



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